The Best Smoke Spots Ancient in CS:GO 

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

The Ancient map has not been popular with CS:GO players for some time. However, in 2021, Valve integrated the Ancient map into the active duty pool instead of the Train map. To win the game on this map, players are encouraged to use all possible means. The smoke grenade is one of the most effective ways to gain an advantage in the game. Knowledge of how to use grenades is especially needed in CS:GO at a professional level. In this article, we will look at the best smoke spots on the Ancient map.

What Does Smoke Do in CS:GO?

The smoke grenade in CS:GO is an effective means of defense against the enemy, which is available to both terrorists and counter-terrorists. After falling to the ground, smoke creates a dense medium-sized smoke screen in a few seconds. The curtain of smoke lasts for 18 seconds.

The smoke grenade allows the player or the entire team to hide from opponents, in particular from snipers. This weapon also allows you to put out the fire from a Molotov grenade or an incendiary grenade. 

What Are The Best Smoke Spots On Ancient?

If you like to open CS:GO cases and use awesome weapon skins, and also dream of using smoke grenades in a spectacular way, then let’s look at the best places for this on the Ancient map.

A Site Smokes

CT Spawn is a place where counter-terrorists regularly defend or retake the bomb site. This is a position where exciting confrontations usually take place. So, players can divert the attention of opponents with a smoke grenade. The smoke from this grenade envelops the CT Spawn and any potential rotators, slowing them down.

The Tunnels area in the A Site is one of the most popular holding positions. Also, counter-terrorists arriving from the Middle are more likely to end up in the Tunnels. So, smoking tunnels with grenades is a great solution for terrorists who seek to enter the site. If used properly, the smoke grenade will envelop the tunnels and block all positions for the AWPers.

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Middle Smokes

The Middle area gives players many options to access two bomb sites. Thus, maintaining control over this position is beneficial to both terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Middle house is a great position for counter-terrorists to camp, as well as for the terrorists to rush the B site. Regardless of which side you’re on, using a smoke grenade can give you an advantage in that zone. SWAT can use the middle of the house to prevent terrorists from entering. To do this, the grenade must be thrown either at the entrance or inside the house itself. Terrorists can smoke this position to avoid being attacked by snipers. Terrorists can throw a grenade from the side of the spawn.

The smoke in the middle tunnels is crucial if you want to get house safely as part of the T team. You need to find the trapezoid tunnel in the middle, one under the bridge, where you can see the big doors with the A sign. Stand near the edge of the chain that blocks the entrance to the tunnel. Aim your crosshair at the top right corner and throw a grenade. The grenade will fly over the doors and smoke the middle tunnels.

B Site Smokes

The B site is a rather difficult position, as all entrances are extremely narrow. Counter-Terrorists tend to hold onto the “Square” zone, as it gives them plenty of covers and offers them a quick escape route. Using smoke grenades can drastically change the course of the game.

The “Stairs” in the B site is one of the most popular campsites for the CT team. Therefore, this zone is extremely important for terrorists if the team does not want to face AWPers. Interestingly, terrorists can smoke this area from afar. This is a great move to confuse counter-terrorists and perform important actions.

Also, the cave at B Site is a great option for confusing Counter-Terrorists with a smoke grenade, as it’s a popular spotting area for Mid and outside of B for them.

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Is CS:GO Ancient T or CT Sided?

The Ancient map is one of the most CT-sided maps in CS:GO. About 60% of all matches on the Ancient map are won by counter-terrorists. It also suggests that if a team doesn’t get an edge in the CT round, it’s likely that the T rounds will be even tougher.

There are a lot of factors why Ancient is more CT-focused. For example, hostilities mainly take place in narrow corridors, where it is quite difficult to make a spectacular maneuver. For this reason, the attacking team is a vulnerable target for counter-terrorists.

Because of these features of the Ancient map, T and CT players need to know where to use their smoke grenades. The Ancient map has a lot of smoke spots that players can use to their advantage in order to win.

Wrapping It Up 

Knowing where to use different types of grenades on the Ancient map will allow you to take advantage of your opponent at the crucial moment of the game. You will also gain valuable grenade skills on other CS:GO maps.