The Challenges And Ethics of Being A Lawyer

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Written By Berry Mathew

Studying law and eventually working as one has been the dream of many students while growing up, when they finally achieve this feat, they are then introduced to the rough side of being a lawyer. 

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This article uncovers some key challenges and ethical issues of lawyers you wish you knew. 

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Challenges of Being A Lawyer

  1. It Takes Time

While in school, you must have thought the time spent reading and making up assignments and presentations was all you needed to become a lawyer. Getting out, you will discover that the hours put in as a practicing lawyer can be draining. 

You get to miss your usual social events, hang out with family and friends, and even have time for yourself. Lawyers spend quality time adding to their knowledge, settling cases for clients, and staying afloat in their careers. You’ll need to strike a balance between work and life. 

  1. Stress

Any job that requires almost more than 20 hours of your time will drain you in the long run. Working as a lawyer is overwhelming, especially when starting. From scouting for clients to preparing and concluding a lawsuit is overwhelming. 

Having to deal with losing a case after so much effort and then striving to stay afloat because of the competitive nature of your career. It all adds to the stress. 

  1. Client’s Attitude Towards Legal Fees

After a good job, one compensation is the payment of legal fees, but this could be ruined when you have clients that always have a fault paying much for legal services. 

With the proliferation of new technologies, some clients use that as a means to bite down fees and sometimes visit more than one lawyer just to avoid spending too much. This can influence the lawyer to bring down their fees. 

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Ethics of Being a Lawyer

Despite the challenges, lawyers are guided by some ethical standards, and here are a few of them. 

  1. Confidentiality

This is one ethical standard that every lawyer abides by, owing to the nature of their job, secret information should be kept discreet. The aim is honesty, trust, and goodwill both for the lawyer and the client. 

  1. Good Financial Account

Every lawyer is expected to adopt a habit of keeping relevant and detailed records of all the money received from clients. This shows transparency and could be used as a defense whenever the need arises. 

  1. Neutral From Crime 

As a lawyer, having a criminal record can be a stain on your reputation, hence, staying out of any form of crime is key. Lawyers are not expected to associate with every dick and harry in society, their reputation is everything. 

  1. Justice and Fairness

The rule of justice and fairness come in because lawyers represent the law and the law is seen as the best judge. Hence, defending or administering justice to a client must be void of sentiment or corruption. 

  1. Soliciting For Business

Lawyers are not expected to approach clients for business, if that happens, it is seen as a disreputable act against the code of conduct. Advertisement for services rendered is not prohibited but it must be done in order.

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