The Complete Guide for How Underwear Should Fit

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Have you ever really stopped to assess if your underwear fits you?

In fact, have you ever even been in for a proper underwear fitting? If the answer is no to either of these then this complete guide will definitely help you and change your whole world of underwear.

While your underwear drawers are likely the most neglected in your whole wardrobe, they should be one of the most important. This is because having good-fitting underwear is not only going to help you feel comfortable but also help ensure that your outfits can be rocked in style.

The last thing you want is to have a wedgie with skinny jeans on—causing one big disaster of an outfit.

Plus, did you know that most women are actually wearing the wrong underwear size in general? This not only makes it hard for you to look your best in outfits but also can cause physical discomfort too.

There are a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to underwear. And each individual style will have different rules that come with it.

So to help keep the world of underwear as simple as possible, we have rounded up a complete guide to everything that you should be considering when it comes to your underwear and how it should be fitting.

We have gathered the top tips from experts so you can have the perfect fitting underwear in your wardrobe. 

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1. Take Your Measurements

First things first, you will want to actually take your measurements of your body to know what your actual size is. While your underwear may have fit you a year ago, they are likely going to not fit you the same now.

This is for two reasons. First, your underwear will slowly stretch out after it is used frequently.  While designed for durability, it is not designed to last forever. Second, your body is constantly changing too. This means that your sizes will change.

So it is a general rule of thumb that you should be taking your measurements at least once every six months to ensure a comfortable fit.

Start with your upper body and measure your chest size for the perfect fitting bra. Then, move your way down to your waist and thighs so you can determine your underwear size for down there.

Many people forget about the thigh. But the measurement of your thigh is one of the most reliable indicators of the actual underwear size that you need.

Also, take into consideration the waistband size too. This is what is going to hold the underwear in place and ensure that it is comfortable whether you are standing up or laying down. So make sure to also measure the waistband size and ensure it also pairs up with your actual waist size. The last thing you want to have to happen is for it to either be too big or too small.

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2. Look for Breathability

Of course, another factor when it comes to sizing up your underwear is the level of breathability. The ultimate goal for breathability in underwear is that you remain to have sensations of being cool and dry.

Not only does the size of your underwear impact breathability, but so does the material it uses. This means choosing fabrics like polyester, spandex, or cotton to ensure that your underwear remains has sensations of freshness and comfort.

3. Make Sure It Stretches

Next, you will want to ensure that your underwear has the right balance of stretch and tightness. You want your underwear to be form-fitting because no one has time for baggy underwear. You also want to make sure they are not too tight because that can actually end up causing skin issues.

The goal is to find that perfect medium between the two, where it is stretchy enough that it does not suffocate you but tight enough that it stays snug and acts invisible when layered over with clothing.

4. Comfort Matters the Most

There are many different styles to consider when it comes to finding the best underwear for you. At the end of the day, one of the top priorities is the fact that your underwear should be comfortable. So, if the underwear you are wearing is currently not comfortable, then you can know for sure that it is not the right pair for you anymore.

The end goal of underwear is to provide support and comfort over anything else, so it really does matter when it comes to finding that perfect fit.


While many people overlook the importance of underwear, we are here to remind you that it is perhaps one of the most important pieces of clothing you can own. This is why getting the fit to be just perfect is so important.

These four tips will help ensure that you feel your best and look your best in your underwear