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Written By Berry Mathew

The need for online protection and privacy is growing more and more, which has awakened the imagination and ingenuity of the creators and developers of highly beneficial codes and algorithms for all areas of daily life.

Many experts consider that 2023 will be a significant time regarding technological advances based on security.

Therefore, encryption plays an essential aspect in this type of progress because, at this time, we are experiencing a boom in scientific and technological development. 

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Limitless technology

An outstanding aspect is a cryptography, which provides the opportunity to create secure communications in the same way as online controls required by private entities and governments.

This way, we see statistical studies verifying the use of resources such as VPN free trial, security-based browsers, which have increased demand, and proxy servers.

We must emphasize that VPN networks if previously considered a means of use only for programmers and computer scientists are currently an essential resource for average Internet users because the blocks or limitations have increased similarly.


New cryptocurrencies for a new economy

One of the biggest things to come from encryption is the success of cryptocurrencies, represented by its most recognized creations like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have set out to change the way we view the economy in general.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate intermediaries when transactions and develop open codes that ensure excellent transparency in commercial operations, thus gaining the trust of the entire population interested in this type of investment.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation process of cryptocurrencies increased due to the need to make payments and movements remotely and quickly.

Many organizations reduced their capacity to work to the maximum, where the demands covered more than their response capacity, giving way to economic development in its different forms.

Likewise, many processes experienced excessive digitalization, such as online purchases, which became a necessity, resulting in the significant growth of trade in those two years, which was presumed to be achieved in a decade.

All the advances related to the development of cryptocurrencies and electronic commerce presented the need to improve users’ and websites’ privacy, security, and encryption.

The more progress, the more essential is made.

Classic services such as firewalls or browsers with exceptional security and proxy servers are added to all these technological changes.

An example is the renowned Tor, which has become a general-use application, thanks to its achievements in encryption technology. It occurs similarly to programs that can be added to the computer or mobile phone.

Another essential technological aspect is the blockchain or blockchain; this resource is used for the creation of cryptocurrencies and security in financial transactions; at the same time, it can be used in other aspects.

Thanks to this technology, NFTs emerge, encrypted codes that provide a way to design and create unique pieces and works of art, opening up another market that captures the interest of digital artists and content developers.



It is accurate that we are facing an increasingly modern and digital future, where the most striking thing is the support and focus on developing encryption technologies.

Thanks to these advances, today, it is possible to use cryptocurrencies worldwide for commercial payment. As a result, their demand is increasing more and more because many people are interested in this new and profitable electronic commerce.

Cryptography will not stop; day by day, it will continue to seek the improvement of its encrypted codes to achieve the progress of the needs recently exposed by users and thus be able to meet expectations.

Cryptocurrencies are the most important creation of cryptography today since they have caused a revolution in the economy. But, most importantly, they have provided the possibility of global inclusion of the entire society.

Participating in economic processes and having the chance to grow and earn financially can achieve an adequate quality of life and a leveling in this demanding society.

Technology and finance will become more inseparable since both markets’ operations are digitized more quickly. Something that prospects excellent economic and social changes.