The Growing Popularity Of Rental-Friendly Decor As People Rent For Longer

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Across the UK the trend of renting over purchasing is on the rise, driven by economic factors, lifestyle choices, and a desire for flexibility. With increased house prices and living costs being just a few contributing factors, many renters are choosing to stay put and explore what they can do with their rented space.

The desire to spruce up dull rental accommodation has sparked a wave of creativity among renters, who are keen to personalise their spaces with rental-friendly decor that doesn’t compromise their rental agreements.

Demand For Rental Properties Has Increased In The UK

Private rental statistics for the UK last year reveal a significant portion of the population opting for rental accommodations over homeownership. This trend is influenced by a variety of factors, including the high cost of properties, the desire for flexible tenancy contracts, and the financial flexibility that renting offers.

In 2022, the number of households in the private rented sector saw a steady increase in renters extending their stay in rented accommodation, with 73% of agents reporting an increase in renewed rental contracts for tenants. As the cost of buying a property is unattainable for many in the UK, the number of privately rented homes increased and stood around 4.6m in 2022.

The Surge In Home Renovations

The lockdown periods of recent years sparked a surge in home renovations, as individuals spent more time at home and sought to improve their living environments. This rise in home improvements can be attributed to a desire to enhance comfort, functionality, and aesthetics within one’s own space.

Social media and online platforms have also played a significant role, inspiring homeowners and renters alike with DIY projects and renovation ideas that promise to transform living spaces without the need for extensive investments.

The Rise Of Rental-Friendly Decor Ideas

As the renting population grows, so does the interest in rental-friendly decor. Renters are increasingly seeking ways to personalise their homes without breaching their rental agreements or risking their deposits.

Key considerations include adhering to contract stipulations and engaging in open communication with landlords before undertaking any changes. This shift towards customisation within the constraints of renting underscores a broader desire for individual expression and comfort in one’s living space.

There are many great ways to transform your home whether it’s through new rugs, new artwork, or new colour schemes. Renters are adopting various innovative solutions to infuse their homes with personality and style, all while keeping reversibility and non-permanence in mind:

  • Protecting your walls: Leaning & Command strips

For artwork and mirrors, leaning items against walls rather than hanging can avoid wall damage and offers flexibility in decor arrangement. If renters do choose to hang items on their walls, Blu-Tack and Sellotape are best to avoid as they can cause damage to walls. Command strips are a renter’s best friend when it comes to rental-friendly decor and are easy to apply and remove.

  • Altering wall decor without permanent changes

When it comes to creating eye-catching backsplashes, traditional mosaic tiles are durable and long-lasting for homeowners renovating their homes. However, for rental-friendly decor in properties where permanent alterations are prohibited, tennants can opt for non-permanent stick-on mosaic tiles which are less expensive and quicker to apply and remove.

  • Changing hardware to modernise your space

Swapping out knobs and handles on cabinets and doors can make a significant impact on rental accommodation. This simple change is easily reversible, ensuring that renters can return the property to its original state upon moving out.

Transforming Dull Rentals With Quick & Easy Rental-Friendly Decor

As renting becomes a more prevalent choice for many in the UK and beyond, the demand for rental-friendly decor solutions continues to grow. This evolving market not only supports the dynamic needs of renters but also fosters a culture of creativity and personalisation within the temporary confines of rental agreements. By embracing these innovative decorating ideas, renters can create a space that feels like home, regardless of how long they plan to stay.