The Importance of Organizational Design

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Everyone knows that organization is vital for achieving professional success. The more employees you have and the greater the responsibilities, the more attention you have to pay to maintain order inside your workplace; otherwise, you’ll probably end up with a Wild West scenario, where everyone imposes their own rules.

This is especially true with large companies. Many business owners emphasize long and hard-working hours when that same job could be finished much faster by applying more intelligent methods. In some cases, the constant pressure and lack of organization make the workers feel trapped and overwhelmed, stemming from the need to respond to every demand and keep their positions.

One effective way to solve this is by building the design process around the user, otherwise known as design thinking. And if you apply this concept to your whole organization, it’s called organizational design. This idea helps managers increase the collective potential of their companies by making the final product and the customer a high priority. Click here to find out more.

If this sounds obvious and redundant, look at how companies lose their way by creating bureaucracy, involving unnecessary and complex procedures that only annoy and discourage both workers and clients. By applying organization design, you’ll be able to make lasting changes in your organization and enable it to yield only the best results. 

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The Fundamentals 

The whole idea of organizational design revolves around teamwork, empathy, planning, and openness to experimentation. After all, the most successful teams adapt to change, most notably in the fast-paced technology world. Sticking to your old ways will get you nowhere in the 21st century, and the best executives know this very well.

This is why they hire experienced professionals who specialize in organizational design. These people know the basic working principles inside out, so they’ll help you transform your company into a high-functioning powerhouse. There are several ways in which org design teams achieve their goals. 

One way is to coach leading staff members and familiarizing them with design thinking through live meetings. Next, the best experts do a thorough research of every detail of your organization while studying the competition, studying their ways, and comparing them with yours.

Special attention is devoted to strengthening the relations between coworkers, facilitating communication, and creating an enjoyable and comfortable workplace. Finally, the process involves targeted courses to train the employees in all areas that are potentially troublesome. Go to for more information.

It’s important to note that it’s not some randomly selected individuals who do org design activities. On the contrary, they consist of trained psychologists, management experts, consultants, etc. Don’t forget that organizational design is a human-centered approach, and most work involves interpersonal relations. 

Targeting the Critical Points

Elevating a company to a whole new level of professionalism doesn’t happen overnight. These organizations involve large groups of different personalities who have to find common ground to achieve any result. To make this possible, org design teams have developed some basic principles and strategies applicable in every context. 

Perhaps the most crucial point is the indisputable fact that companies serve their clients first and foremost. If the customer is unsatisfied, the company’s failed: end of story. Then, the firm must foresee any changes and adapt: there’s no other way than constantly moving forward. The management has to simplify the work process whenever possible. All work tasks must feel natural and straightforward to the workers, no matter how complex they seem.

One essential thing to remember is to focus on the individual. But isn’t this a strategy for companies, you may ask? It is, but large changes are always based on personal behavior and habits. Whether Gandhi really said it or not, the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” is perfect for this context.

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Highly Effective Services 

If your company is just starting out, people are probably pressuring you to hire management consultants, change management experts, and other professionals who will help you organize everything. Online research can only get you so far, and in-person counseling is far more efficient anyway when it comes to business practices. 

Fortunately, organization design teams combine both of these processes into one. Instead of spending way too much time and money on different experts, why not hire an org design team to do everything for you? That way, you’ll have more time to focus on future strategies for your company.

Staying humble in today’s professional world is the key to success. Pretending you know everything, not letting anyone tell you how to manage your company is a sure path to ruin. Instead, give a chance to someone who is far more experienced in the business field to assist you on the way to becoming a serious and admirable contender in your chosen field.