The Latest Popilush Dresses with Shapewear Styles for the Season

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Having “the” dress is every woman’s dream. The dress needs to fit and keep you comfortable for a long time as well, right?

The good thing is that many brands have started understanding this need, which is why there are never-ending options out there. However, one still cannot deny the fact that it’s hard to find a strapless plunge shapewear plus dress that gives a nice shape. For this reason, we are talking about Popilush because they have perfected this art. 

Workwear Square Neck Sleeveless Dress

If you want an all-in-one option, we recommend that you add this red dress to your cart right away. This is because it’s suitable for your work meetings as well as casual use. You can easily pair this dress with a bag and heels. However, if you want to make it more modest, you can wrap a shawl around the shoulders or wear a blazer on it.

This dress is designed to help you enhance the curves. In addition, you won’t have to worry about panty lines because the openings are laser-cut. The best thing about this dress is that you can give up on the bra because there are breast pads in the dress. Also, the rounded neck design looks pretty elegant while still showing off the collarbone.

Shapewear Corset Style Lace Midi Dress

For every woman who wants something sexy, this midi dress is the right choice. It has a lacey top, which looks amazing, and you can wear a cute blazer on top to ensure it doesn’t look like lingerie. The dress has a mesh lining, which helps give shape to the body and makes sure your tummy fat doesn’t show. In addition, there is a steel ring, which offers support to the breasts.

The best thing about this midi dress is the adjustable straps. These straps will ensure that your breasts look amazing. In addition, you can easily use the bathroom because the gusset has an overlapping design.

Workwear Shapewear Square Neck Split Midi Dress

If you liked the red dress that we added to the list, we are sure you will love this one as well. That’s because this dress is taking things up a notch by adding a slit on one side. You can style this dress for birthdays, parties, night outs with girls, and date nights. In addition, there are bra pads to give shape to your breasts.

The best addition is the leg sculpting mesh, which helps shape the legs. In fact, you can show off the curves. Not to forget, using the bathroom will be a breeze!

Shapewear Deep V-Neck Twisted Shine Maxi Dress

This dress with a deep v shapewear is one of the sexiest dresses we have ever seen. What’s best is that it looks pretty elegant. It is made from a shimmer nylon fabric, which promises a nice shape as well as glamor. The neck design helps show off your breasts, and the mesh lining will ensure that your stomach looks flat.