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In a car accident resulting from reckless driving, you might sustain minor wounds, such as bumps and bruises, if you are lucky enough. However, you must visit a doctor immediately following an accident, even if you think your wounds are minor. Minor injuries could be symptoms of much more severe health issues. An accident victim may not be aware that they have sustained serious injuries that could have a long-term effect because of the shock and adrenaline that an accident causes. Here are the possible long-term physical effects of reckless driving accidents in Las Vegas.


In a reckless driving collision, the victim’s body is flung around. Wrist, arm, leg, ankle, collarbone, and rib fractures likely result from the abrupt movement. Multiple fractures are common among auto accident victims. In a few weeks, some fractures may recover. But a major fracture could take a long time to recover from and might leave you permanently disabled.

Spinal cord injuries

The back and spinal cord are very vulnerable to injury in a crash. On one end of the scale, a vehicle accident sufferer can get a slipped or bulging disc or a lower back strain. The collision can make an existing back ailment worse. On the other hand, the nerve system that runs down the spine and transmits messages to the rest of the body may be harmed. As a result, the person may have feeling and limb loss, partial or complete paralysis, or both. Another consequence that might result from paralysis is pressure sores.

Loss of limbs

According to statistics gathered by the Amputee Coalition, about half of all Americans with a missing limb lost it due to a traumatic event, like an automobile accident. The victim could have side effects such as reduced mobility, infection, blood clots, muscular contractures, and “phantom limb pain.” In such a situation, engaging professional reckless driving car accident attorneys Las Vegas to help the victim calculate the long-term damages of the injury is advisable.

Traumatic brain injuries

Even a low-speed collision can send a driver or passenger slamming into the dashboard, window, seat, or another interior component. Because of the shock and adrenaline, many victims experience concussions without realizing it. This makes it crucial to always visit a doctor following a collision for evaluation for this critical yet “invisible” injury. In cases of severe TBI, individuals may pass away from brain damage or go into a coma.

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Internal bleeding

An object could pierce an organ or compress the organs due to the impact of a crash. If internal bleeding happens, it could indicate a significant, fatal issue. The victim can experience shock, and a trained medical practitioner should immediately stop the bleeding to avoid long-term organ damage.


Reckless driving accidents can also result in severe physical injuries that lead to instant or later death. Death is more likely when the collision involves larger trucks and trailers. In this case, the victim’s family can seek restitution for wrongful death with the help of a reckless driving accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

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