The significance of formal education for underprivileged students

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Written By Charlotte Miller

 A privilege simply defined as an individual right or power, and most impoverished children are unable to fully exercise these rights and power. Various social media platforms use new technology to portray what poverty actually looks like. For example, one of the popular Instagram marketing strategies is making reels on various types of content. These reels help people to get great knowledge within a few seconds. For ages, education has served as a turning point for people seeking to overcome their lucanas. Many children in India do not receive a proper education, and they lack the basic necessities of every individual. Many people would prefer to assist the poor, and most of them finally came forward through various means to assist the poor and disadvantaged. One of the means is the arrival of large charitable organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). These organisations have provided brilliant and hardworking children with chances they wouldn’t have dreamed previously.

Everyone talks about the significance of education for impoverished children. As a result, let us examine what is meant by education. Knowledge is acquired through education. In broad terms, education entails gaining a variety of abilities in a variety of domains that are critical to human survival. These abilities can be acquired both in the classroom and throughout our lives.

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Giving these youngsters a proper education would not only benefit them, but will also ensure the survival and future of their parents, who are unable to provide education and a better life for their children. There are myriad reasons why children require education and why it is so crucial to them. It will assist them in bettering themselves by allowing them to gain new skills, discover good opportunities, grow as people, and live a decent life in society. The more their educational attainment, the better their chances of offering a decent life for their families.

It is not only about ensuring access to education, but also about ensuring success. It is critical for each of us to be well educated. It makes quality learning easier for people of all ages, classes, religions, cultures, and regions throughout their lives. Girls in India are denied education in traditional patriarchal Indian society. Women who are allowed to study possess great opportunities to choose whatever profession they want and get themselves a job. They can simply use their qualification to enhance their own life and look after their family. 

Educated females also contribute to the elimination of social injustices such as early marriage ,rape, molestation and dowry system, eve teasing which are still widespread in our society. These social ills affect both men and women. Educated women can mostly do anything, starting from managing their household chores to how to promote your business on social media. These underprivileged children begin working in various factories, hotels, and on the streets as baggers at a young age. The majority of them engage in illicit acts including burglary, pickpocketing, and drug addiction. As a result, many children begin working as breadwinners for their families at a time when they should be focusing on their careers and enjoying their youth.

We can have a nice career and earn good money with a decent education. Education encompasses not just knowledge gained from textbooks but also the life teachings that help a person become more humane. In many respects, education can empower a person. However, in today’s financial world, everything is based on money. Education became so expensive that many people from the lower socioeconomic strata cannot afford it. Every year, numerous youngsters drop out of school for these reasons. In this context, low-interest loans can significantly improve the lives of highschool dropouts.

There are governmental programs and various NGOs that are assisting these disadvantaged youngsters, but we must go farther by providing them with food. Because the vast majority of these children are either from a low-income background or do not have their own family. As a result, simply offering education will not suffice. We must also provide accommodation, food, and clothing for them. We must take a realistic and logical approach to this problem rather than a chance approach. Before crafting any solution, we must have a thorough brainstorming session to determine the source of poverty.

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