The Top 5 Reasons To Consider Aging In Place

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Written By Charlotte Miller

There are a few important things to consider when senior years start approaching or when an aging loved one starts showing signs of frailty. Living options are one of them.

According to reports, about ninety percent of older individuals prefer the option of remaining in their own homes rather than moving to a senior care facility, otherwise known as a nursing home, as they age. Uprooting to a senior care home is a significant life adjustment, and beyond the stress of change, it’s also undeniably expensive. 

But even though aging in place is the preferred option for elderly adults, it’s not always the option that’s best for their families for a few valid reasons. Unfortunately, families often feel that aging in place might not be a safe option; moreover, not all family members would have the time to devote to caring for an elderly loved one when healthcare needs begin to amplify. 

However, there are solutions for these concerns; elderly fall prevention, medical alert systems, and live-in care are all options that dramatically increase safety at home. You can also provide the best rollator walker with seat for an increased level of independence and enhanced comfort. Moreover, these investments are all far more affordable than the costs of a senior care facility as well.

With that said, if you’re looking for the best option for a senior loved one, we’ve listed the top five benefits that aging in place has to offer aging seniors. 

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Heightened Independence

One of the most significant downfalls of senior care facilities is that seniors typically lose an immense sense of independence as the facility dictates routines, meal options, and daily activities. 

On the other hand, seniors can hold onto their independence for as long as possible with aging in place. The level of freedom is maintained over time, which offers positive mental health benefits for seniors; there’s less risk of depression and feelings of isolation with aging in place. 

Because seniors are able to live on their terms and keep their personal and social lives the same, independence is not a concern.

A Healthier Living Environment

Even though senior care facilities do what they can to ensure the environment is safe and healthy, living in an environment with a large group of residents under one roof is, unfortunately, not the healthiest option for anyone. Privacy is lacking due to this and the fact that many healthcare practitioners are in and out of these homes frequently. 

Living in such a public setting has negative impacts on mental health, and this can enhance the risks of depression and even anxiety disorders for seniors. 

On the other hand, staying at home means seniors can maintain their healthy environment and enjoy a level of privacy they are already accustomed to. 

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Enhanced Comfort

We all consider our homes to be the most comfortable place; it’s no different for senior individuals. Adjusting to the specifics of a senior care facility often damages comfort levels, and this can be avoided with the option of aging in place. 

Seniors can continue to live the particular lifestyle they want when aging in the comfort of their own homes. There’s no need to get used to a new bed, a new room, or a large group of residents and healthcare practitioners. 

It’s Easier To Stay Connected To Loved Ones

Another downfall of senior care facilities is that elderly individuals often cannot stay close to their friends and family. Unfortunately, visiting hours are often dictated according to the facility’s daily routine. With this, seniors can’t see their loved ones whenever they want, and social connections are often lost. 

On the other hand, when aging in place, seniors can maintain their social lives and stay close to friends and family. Even if seniors opt for live-in care, there’s no need to implement visiting hours or restrict social interactions from outside the home. 

Convenience And Affordability

Lastly, aging in place is dramatically more affordable than the costs of senior care facilities. Even with home modifications and the cost of live-in care, seniors and their families will save a small fortune by choosing the option of aging in place. 

Moreover, it’s also more convenient for seniors and their loved ones because there’s no need to uproot and move. There won’t be the concern of selling a property, selling off household belongings, and even personal items because seniors can stay where they are as they age. 

Whether you decide to choose aging in place for your senior loved one or go with a senior care facility, it’s crucial to evaluate all the pros and cons associated with both options. Moreover, it’s also vital to speak to your loved ones about their preferences and concerns to conclude the best solution for the whole family.