The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Restaurants: Exactly What You Need to Know

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Running a restaurant is challenging enough, but when you add marketing to the mix, it becomes even more difficult. There are many different ways you should be marketing your restaurant, and knowing which method will work best for your business is key. To help you on this journey, here is an ultimate guide to marketing for restaurants that includes all of the basics as well as some hints and tips to get you started. Whether you’re looking for a way to increase customer awareness or want to find better ways to target potential customers, this guide has something for everyone.

Basic marketing strategies

There are many marketing strategies available to your business. You’ll want to focus on what willfocus on the Waiterio that will work best for your restaurant. Here are some basic strategies you should consider:

Promotional items: You can use promotional items like cups, pens or aprons with your logo to increase customer awareness of your business.

Point of sale material: This includes menus and table tents. These materials should be updated frequently with new specials and prices.

Marketing events: Marketing events are a great way to reach more people and get them in the door. Try hosting a food tasting event where customers can try different dishes before they order their meal or hosting a wine tasting for customers who enjoy wine with dinner.

Social media marketing: Your social media accounts should be updated daily with new information about what’s happening at the restaurant and any specials going on during that time span. This is also a good place to post pictures of dishes that are being served, as well as any culinary expertise you have.

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Marketing your restaurant to customers

Marketing your restaurant to current customers is crucial in increasing customer loyalty. One way you can do this is through email marketing. Email marketing provides a number of benefits, including the ability to target specific audiences and the chance to create a sense of urgency with your customers. You can also showcase some key infrastructure that your restaurant or cafe possesses, such as a wet bar, patio, outdoor barbeque (BBQ) oven, lounge, etc. on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube for getting more customers. If your restaurant makes use of newsletters or email campaigns, you should consider adding an “early bird” offer as an incentive for customers to sign up for future emails.

Another way you can market your restaurant to current customers is through social media. You may want to consider using Facebook ads with pictures in order to grab people’s attention and get click-throughs. You can also post on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest in order to increase brand awareness and capture leads from potential new customers.

Marketing your restaurant to potential customers

Many people think of marketing as a broad term that encompasses all your efforts to bring in new customers. In reality, marketing is much more specific and can be divided into four areas:

  1. Creating awareness.
  2. Generating interest.
  3. Building relationships.
  4. Retaining and rewarding customers.

All four areas are important for the success of your restaurant business, but it’s important to focus on one of these areas at a time so that your efforts don’t get diluted. For example, if you’re just starting out and looking to begin generating interest in your restaurant, you might want to focus on traditional advertising techniques like radio ads or billboards around town until you reach the point where you have enough resources to expand your efforts to other areas like customer retention/rewards. Once you do have enough resources, then you could start using social media or developing an email newsletter list for your customers.

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New marketing platforms for restaurants

You have to stay on top of your marketing game so you can make it in this competitive industry. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the newest digital marketing platforms for restaurants. These new methods of marketing are sure to keep your restaurant on top.

Other types of marketing

When running a restaurant you should also consider marketing through traditional methods. This can include TV commercials, radio ads, print ads in newspapers and magazines, or even billboards. Marketing through these channels will help you reach your customers who may not be on the internet.

Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways to market today. It’s easy to start a social media account for your restaurant and post pictures or videos of what you’re selling. You can also connect with other restaurants on Twitter and Facebook, which can lead to collaborations or recommendations for new customers. There are many different types of digital marketing that you could try to better reach customers-take some time today to explore these options!


It has never been more important for restaurants to effectively market themselves, as food delivery services and smartphone apps have made it easier than ever for customers to find and order food from home.

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