The11 Best UK Job Boards

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Pros of living and working in the UK

1. High standard of living

The UK is one of the top 5 most developed economies in the world, which is directly reflected in its high purchasing power, social security and stable financial and political situation.

2. Education & Science

Quality education. Over 11 of the world’s top 100 higher education institutions are concentrated in the country.

3. Favorable business environment

The government actively supports start-ups and implements a range of government programmes to help you build your dream company.

4. Well-developed infrastructure

Every major city has excellent infrastructure from parks and squares, playgrounds to clean and tidy streets. It is easy to get around the UK on public transport. Buses, trams, trains and underground rail services are affordable.

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5. Location

The UK is close to continental Europe and this makes it a worthwhile travel destination.

6. Culture

Britain is a capital of European and world culture in all areas (film, theater, music, painting, literature etc.).

7. Social welfare state

Britain is still a welfare state, whose policy is primarily aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, regardless of their abilities. This means tax relief, discounts and sometimes even full coverage in case of illness, for families with children, for expensive medication or surgery or permanent care, in case of unemployment and many other social benefits and help from the state.

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Disadvantages of living in the UK

1. High cost of living

When it comes to the UK as a whole, the cost of living is very affordable in some parts of the country, especially in many villages and small towns. However, most people see London as a future home and it is one of the most expensive cities to live in.

2. Weather

Everyone has heard about the changeable weather in the UK. It feels like rain and fog for half the year. If you’re used to sunshine, the UK can be a bit of a challenge in terms of climate.

3. Hated traffic jams

This mainly applies to England because the country itself is small with old, narrow roads. Large numbers of people in big cities and hence a lot of cars.

4. A lot of competition in the market

Despite the vibrant job market and the large number of players that offer a lot of jobs, there is still a strong competition between job seekers in some sectors. Sometimes it is only highly qualified specialists with good education and work experience who are able to earn a really high salary and a lucrative social package. 

5. The UK has left the EU

This has, among other things, driven some businesses and people out of the country. Which has forced the government to lower immigration requirements for those who want to come to work.

6. Medicine

Both a plus and a minus at the same time. On the one hand, everything is very advanced and of the highest quality, on the other hand, there are terrible queues if you need help from a specialist. Even for money.

Knowing the right job search methods is the key to success. We’ve put together our top seven UK job hunting websites to help you find all the jobs you’re looking for, and send your CV to prestigious companies in the UK. It’s not enough to know the language and a great CV to find a job overseas. One more thing you’ll definitely need: good online resources for finding the right job. So let’s look at the top 11 best websites to look for work)


The largest job site in England and throughout the UK. Over 2,000 jobs and many direct employers who post directly. Once you have found a job, you can either text the employer on the internal messenger or call them. 

How it works: 

Register on and post your CV. New applications will come in your inbox. When you receive an application you can check the employer by reviewing the company.

2. Reed

In 1995 it was the UK’s first job search website. Since then Reed has been one of the most popular and useful employment services in the UK. Every month more than 7 million people enter their CVs to apply for jobs. And there is plenty to choose from: every year more than 25,000 employers, both private and public, publish their job vacancies on the website. In order to filter out unnecessary vacancies, a user may select the desired salary level, field of work, location or even only look at offers from companies he or she is interested in.

How it works:

Reed emphasises that they are not a recruitment agency. The site posts vacancies from private employers and recruitment agencies who are looking for employees. To post your CV and be able to send applications to potential employers, you need to register on the site. 

3. Totaljobs

One of the UK’s leading job search sites attracts over 6 million people every month who want to find work for themselves in the UK. On average, Totaljobs sees around 110,000 fresh job postings a month from employers ranging from multinationals to individuals. The site has current offers in almost all sectors, which users can select by filtering. It’s also possible to look at top job ads, jobs near you and search for what you’re looking for.

How it works:

To access all vacancies and send CVs to employers you’re interested in, you need to create an account on the site. You can also download an app to your smartphone and get alerts on new offers.

4. Monster

The Monster job search website offers its users a selection of jobs by filtering them by location, area of expertise and date added. Also on the site, job seekers can read useful information on how to write a proper CV or learn how to answer questions during an interview.

How it works:

To view job openings and be able to post your CV, you need to register on the site or activate an account via Facebook.

5. Timewise Jobs

This site has been running since 2012 and offers a wide range of non-permanent jobs. Flexible jobs are often sought by women or people of retirement age. On Timewise Jobs they can find jobs in any field and filter them by salary, location or contract forms.

How it works:

To send a CV to a job vacancy you’re interested in in one click, you need to register on the site. You will also have the option to receive alerts of new listings to your email.

6. BubbleJobs

The BubbleJobs website concentrates a large number of vacancies in the field of modern technology. Developers, account managers, copywriters, SEO and SMM specialists, graphic designers and many other similar professions can find jobs in any city in the UK with the help of this resource.

How it works:

Register on the site and upload your CV to be able to send applications to potential employers.

7. Grads

This website is a great way for students and recent graduates to find great internships or permanent jobs. As many companies will refuse to hire people with no experience, the Grads website advertises those employers who are willing to offer a position to a newcomer. This makes it easy and quick for young professionals to find work in any field.

How it works:

To send your CV and receive email alerts, you need to fill in a mini questionnaire on the site. 


Among the pluses of this site stand out, of course, the security of the resources, the verification of all advertisements and the ability to contact the employer directly. From the disadvantages – obligatory registration. However, not so long ago there was an opportunity to check-in via Facebook.


This is a hodgepodge of jobs in the UK. You can search for jobs on all the major job search engines in the country, including


If you’re looking for short-term jobs in the UK, this resource should be #1 on your list. Freelancers, waiters, couriers, cleaners – there’s a wide range of part-time jobs available here.


The site specialises in medium paid jobs such as assistants, salespeople, assistants, housekeepers etc.

We wish you to find work in abroad in the UK through these websites, good luck!