They Are The Five Best Cryptocurrencies For Investment In 2022

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Written By Berry Mathew

Many digital currencies are on display today. Therefore, potential and experienced investors need to be vigilant about market trends. They should also be clear about what and when they should purchase/sell their cryptocurrencies. Not all can acquire such clarity. The quantum ai is the most popular of all the Blockchain software because it safe your cryptocurrency.

Thus, the details given below about five worthy investments for the last month of 2022 should come in handy. 


CTSI is the native token of an extremely popular and new digital currency project, Cartesi. The token takes recourse to Optimistic Rollups, for resolving issues. Optimistic Rollups refer to Layer 2 (L2) scaling protocols. The protocols are designed to extend the throughput connected with Ethereum’s base layer. As a result, the computation load on the Ethereum blockchain reduces.

With the aid of the Optimistic Rollups, the Cartesi network enables several transactions to go through simultaneously and smoothly. There is a reduction in the high fees charged for transactions and usage of blockchain technology.

Even the issue of scalability is resolved. The Cartesi network connects Linux and the blockchain. Therefore, developers may use Linux to create highly scalable, blockchain DApps within a routine environment. They are scalable. Thus, investors may use the Cartesi network for staking. 

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The utility token is connected to the GALA ecosystem. The platform is famed for its play-to-earn games. By participating in diverse games, users may gain access to diverse cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The exchange within the GALA ecosystem takes place between its native currency and an ERC-20 token. 

The ecosystem operates on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the GALA platform bonds with Polygon, too, for bridging the BNB chain. 

The players gain rewards in the form of virtual assets that prove useful in diverse games. For instance, they may compete for various P2E titles via the application of different in-game features. 

$RIA and $eRIA

Both refer to native tokens associated with the Calvaria network. This platform offers play-to-earn games. Players may leverage different games for earning either $RIA or $eRIA tokens. The former is excellent for bringing about economic stability. The latter is marvelous for purchasing in-game digital assets. 

Winners of tokens may stake them, use them for governance, or for gaining further rewards via play. They may even become creative about resolving global issues related to climate change. 

If users desire to progress in a card game, they may utilize eRIA tokens for buying an NFT deck of cards. As they go on to win more tournaments, users acquire more eRIA tokens. As for RIA tokens, users gain the right to vote with them. Therefore, the greater the hoard, the weightier the individual’s vote.

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It is the native token of the Balancer project. It lends power to the operations of AMM. The term refers to the cryptocurrency exchange – Automated Market Makers. The Ethereum principle comes into play here. In other words, the Balancer project encourages distributed computer networks to help it run the exchange efficiently. 

The project carries a specific protocol that permits easy trading without interference from an intermediary. Thus, users may rapidly buy or sell any coin/token of their choice. In case they manage to offer liquidity in a Balancer pool, they may gain cryptocurrencies as rewards.

The Balancer network demands deposits for using it. In turn, users may gain liquidity to purchase/sell digital currencies. Another bonus is the accessibility of yield farming. Investors/yield farmers are welcome to leverage exotic pairs of exchanges, such that they generate greater income for themselves.


It is a recent entry into the cryptocurrency arena. The presale hard cap value is just about $600,000 away. The project refers to an unusual P2E and NFT ecosystem. In October 2022, this project went out of its way to enhance users’ trading experiences. It placed around 10,000 MetaGloblin NFTs into circulation.

Users may purchase consumables and gear via the project’s native currency. It suffices to enhance the chances of winning games. However, players face a specific problem when they approach the P2E platforms. Therefore, Metablaze has decided to avoid rewarding gamers with its native token. 

Instead, it hopes to come up with an alternative plan. Therefore, it is working towards rewarding winners with Solana, Ethereum, BNB, or BTC. At the same time, the project also aims to burn 48% of the tokens.