Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Your First Samurai Sword

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Finally, you have decided to purchase a samurai sword. Congratulations. A samurai sword is a symbol of class and sophistication. These are used to show prestige. They represent power. However, before making your final decision, understand the basics. The following are the top things you should know before purchasing a samurai sword.

The Steel

Check the type of material. Samurai Swords are often fabricated with pure steel. And this is obtained through the forging and folding process. All impurities are removed from the raw iron ore to get this unique form of steel. With the current technological advancements, it’s also possible to find pure steel as the beginning material. According to research, Swedish steel is one of the purest types of steel with the least amount of impurities.

 Don’t be quick to purchase any samurai sword you come across. Picking the wrong sword can be a costly mistake. Make sure that the steel you choose has an even distribution of steel. Refined grains create strong blades that are less prone to deflection, as well as, breakage.

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The Forging Process

Forging is what defines the famous Samurai sword. Not all companies sell authentic Samurai swords. Some produce and sell stock removal swords. What this means is that the blades aren’t forged and are vulnerable to breakage. So, before making a purchase, be sure to ask for forged blades.

Forging helps in determining how much each blade requires. Plus, it allows the smith to achieve the best results out of their craftsmanship. The smith works on each piece and folds it repeatedly. This process is designed to tighten the grain pattern, making the blade more beautiful. All processes are carried out with a high level of meticulousness.

Special Heat Treating

Samurai swords pass through differential heat treatment. Each edge comes with a sharpened edge featuring a heat treatment signature. The purpose of heat treatment is to change the molecular structure of your steel. Authentic Samurai swords generally feature uniquely heat-treated edges. The most common design is the signature-shaped cutting edge. This process is designed to change the sword’s molecular structure and make it stronger. If you’re fond of the Samurai culture, then you won’t afford to understate this sword’s cutting efficiency.

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Check Design, Shape

Consider the shape of your sword. Look for a Samurai sword that’s both strong and historically strong. Authentic Samurai swords are tradition-inspired. Their shapes and design are entirely different from that of common swords. Remember, the lives of the Samurai warriors depended on these swords. As such, they were uniquely designed to emulate their true historical tradition. The shape of these swords typically determines their strength and cutting performance. So, be sure to select the right shape and design.

Pay Close Attention To The Balance

This is another important consideration you should make. When shopping around for a Samurai sword, balance is key. It’s crucial to its life and functionality. Did you know that Samurai was one of the most experienced warriors in the community? Well, his sword was always efficient in extreme combat situations.

Unfortunately, modern swords don’t offer such levels of functionality. They’re no longer able to bear the stresses and strains associated with serious battles. With an authentic Samurai sword, you’ll have the chance to utilize a traditionally balanced blade.


Check its polish. Polish brings the sword to its final condition. It gives it a unique, final shape. Remember, polishing a Samurai sword is a tedious process that requires all surfaces to be refined. It’s a complex process that’s accomplished by hand.

Today, most swords are finished using machines. However. Although these processes are super-fast, they don’t contribute to the sword’s true efficiency and final beauty. Be watchful of some vendors who deal with counterfeit products. The reality is that their foundation polish is poorly applied and the finishing part isn’t done correctly.

The Japanese people often polish their swords by hand. And this takes them a couple of days or even weeks. Nonetheless, this process isn’t practical nowadays. But you should still strive to find a finely finished Samurai sword.


When it comes to Samurai swords, there are many things you should check out for. For instance, you need to make sure that the scabbard is fabricated using wood. Again, the opening features a water buffalo horn ring, which supports the wood and prevents splitting. Again, the metal fittings should be made of authentic materials such as steel, gold, and silver. You also need to know that the wrapping material is ray skin or leather wrapping.

A Samurai sword is a combination of a powerful blade, sava, habaki, as well as, a tsuka. All these parts should be made of high-quality materials. Plus, they should feature fine finishings. They synergize with each other to ensure efficient flow and functionality. If one of these parts isn’t well-crafted, then the entire sword will suffer.

Test It

Look for a seller who’s conversant with the sword’s functionality. They should be able to the actual sword. Before making your purchase, ask them to test the sword. Let them explain how the swords operate under real cutting and practice. Their knowledge about swords will benefit you.

Quality Control Is Key

The vendor should provide adequate quality control. Steel blades can have certain imperfections. A good seller should be able to identify these faults before the buyer. Your seller shouldn’t be in a hurry to sell the sword to you. Professional vendors take time to inspect their products before selling them to customers.

Find a seller who can ensure that the sword stays fits correctly and that the wrapping is tight. The fittings shouldn’t rattle at all. Plus, the steel should be properly forged with no cracks and blemishes. The synthesis of all these aspects is a subtle balancing.

The Bottom-Line

A samurai sword is a symbol of class. These swords were traditionally reserved for the samurai worries. Highly durable, these swords pass through a rigorous blacksmithing process. That’s why they are highly regarded. It’s important to purchase the right sword. Understand key features of a samurai sword. The above are key things you should know about samurai swords.