Things to Look For in Business Energy Sites

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you overpaying for your company’s energy? In that case, it’s time to change to a better offer. 

The only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal is to compare what different commercial energy suppliers offer.

But before you begin comparing prices, it makes sense to learn more about how commercial energy differs from domestic energy and to look more closely at the different contract options.

One of the tasks you must complete is to look around and compare different energy websites to find the best energy provider. These comparison websites make it simple and quick to select an energy provider. However, finding the best site for you requires a little more effort.

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What to look for in a business energy supplier’s site?

When selecting an energy comparison website, it would be best to consider many factors. 

Check out the list below if you’re looking for the best way to compare business energy websites.

Reputation and Accreditation

An accredited organization’s registry number, such as that of, will be displayed on a trustworthy website. Additionally, you can search for the business on Scam Tracker, which ranks firms based on user-submitted complaints.

It’s probably best to avoid a business or organization altogether if there are numerous complaints about high-pressure sales techniques or subpar customer service.

There is no way to determine whether a company is legitimate or not if it lacks accreditation. Reputation is the next factor to consider, both among businesses and customers.

What are opinions of the business being expressed? Has it ever been the subject of complaints? Are there other businesses providing comparable services that you could compare yourself to?

under Things to Look For in Business Energy Sites:  The only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal is to compare what different commercial energy suppliers offer.

Correct Quotes and Unambiguous Pricing

When comparing energy providers, they must provide precise quotes and complete pricing details. This entails being open and honest about the energy supplier you are using and the rates they are offering.

Additionally, you must display your projected payment amount over a year or two, not just your average monthly bill. Based on your current usage patterns and meter readings, a good website will offer precise quotes and an estimated price per unit of gas or electricity (kWh).

They won’t be able to provide you with an accurate quote if they don’t have this information on hand.


Small and large businesses frequently use comparison websites to compare prices with nearby companies, which is why they do so.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that the company with the lowest price is the best option for you and your business, though. It would be best if you still inquired, for example, do they charge for their services. Some websites may charge you to compare prices, but not others.

Therefore, make sure you’re getting a good deal on price by looking into all of the following factors before using a specific website for your utility needs:

Service Charges

Does the supplier talk about energy charges? Make sure you know the cost before signing up, as some websites charge users for using their services. If you don’t pay attention, this could add up over time!

Minimum Usage Standards

Some websites require users to use at least 100 kWh per month before providing a quote, which may not be ideal if you only use electricity during specific hours or times of the year.

Depending on how much your company must spend on energy, you may be unable to afford this service. It might be preferable to use a free service if your business is small and has limited resources.

Consumer Assistance

If you run a small business, you might not always have time to call your utility provider with queries or problems. While switching providers, your business energy comparison site should be ready to assist you with any questions.

Once you’ve selected a plan and signed up, some comparison websites don’t provide much assistance or support. Others, on the other hand, offer a range of services, such as help switching providers and account management.

The best websites offer a dedicated customer service team’s round-the-clock phone or email support. If you require additional assistance with your account or billing inquiries, you can always give them a call.

To access their service from anywhere, you should also find out if they provide live chat support and if they have an app. In addition, the top websites will have a user forum where you can ask procedural questions and receive advice from other visitors.

Rates in real time

Since energy prices change throughout the day and week, the data you’re viewing must be up-to-date. Some websites update their rates every 15 minutes or less, while others wait until the next day.

You want one that updates frequently enough for you to be aware of the price of each plan at any given time of day or month.

Various plan options

Some businesses only provide fixed rates, while others do so in addition to variable rates, known as time-of-use pricing. Variable rates are determined by the current wholesale cost of electricity, whether it is used during peak or off-peak hours.

Such plans are designed to pay more during peak hours when electricity demand is at its highest and less during off-peak hours when it goes down.

Do they offer me the best prices? Unfortunately, not all comparison shopping sites provide the same outcomes; some might have better deals. You might need to keep looking until you find a website that does if the one you’ve chosen doesn’t have an offer that fits your budget.

What information do they provide me with? It’s critical to confirm what kind of data a comparison site offers before using it.

For instance, some only provide details on fixed tariffs. Others, on the other hand, give details on fixed and variable taxes and other contracts, like prepayment and credit meters.

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Final Reflections

You can reduce your energy expenses by doing some research. Comparing the rates provided by various utilities or service providers is one way to achieve this. Numerous websites compare energy, some of which are more beneficial than others. When selecting one, consider the following:

Does it evaluate costs from all suppliers? 

Does it assess prices from all local service providers?

Some websites might compare prices from just one or two businesses, which might not accurately represent what you might receive if you also contacted other service providers in your neighbourhood.

Does it evaluate costs for various levels of usage? 

Although most businesses require more power than that, some websites only display rates for low usage levels.

Others will inform you of the amount you can anticipate paying based on the kind of business you operate and the number of employees you have—information that is imperative if you have sizable offices or warehouses with high electricity requirements.