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Traveling is fun, but it comes with its share of hassles, the greatest of which are long queues and overcrowded airport sections. After working hard at your job or studies, a long-awaited vacation is undoubtedly a dream come true. However, it is only after reaching the airport that we realize that the airport is overcrowded and there is a flight layover.

Overcrowded airports are an absolute nightmare before traveling. You do not get any rest, and the constant humdrum of rushing people and noises begin to get on the nerves after a point of time. Nevertheless, the airport lounge access can solve such problems. So, how do you gain premium lounge access in the airport? Well, the Credit/Debit cards inside your wallets can provide an answer to the question!


Before knowing about the three best cards that can provide your airport lounge access for your next trip, let us consider why opting for a lounge is a worthwhile experience.

  • Peace and Tranquil – One of the most attractive benefits of an airport lounge is that you get a secluded getaway from the chaos of crowds. A lounge allows you to enjoy some quiet time while you sink into a comfortable seat and relax.
  • Great for Passing Time – Many of us have the habit of reaching the airport way before the required time, which sometimes gets boring. To kill the long waiting hours before you onboard the flight, you seek something interesting. Even if you prefer to reach the airport at the eleventh hour, the occasional delays in airplane arrivals can still compel you to wait for prolonged periods. In such a situation, passing time can be tedious and take a toll on even the most patient person. However, with airport lounge access, you can comfortably scoop onto a sofa and pass your time by reading the newspaper and magazines or catching up with the news on TV.
  • Food and Snacks – We all love freebies, and airport lounges provide you with precisely that. You can enjoy complimentary drinks and food with your premium airport lounge access and peacefully wait for your flight to arrive. In addition, it is essential to remember that although some of the biggest airports have no limitation on good eateries, the situation may be reserved for smaller airports. In such a context, lounge access has a great selection of foods and drinks to enjoy. Some lounges even offer warm meals.
  • Best for being Productive – An airport lounge is the best place for you to open the laptop and start working. If you have some pending work or a busy schedule, you definitely should consider airport lounge access, as it helps in utilizing the extra time more productively. Not only do you get the much-needed peace to be productive, but most airport lounges also come with top-tier facilities such as internet, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, fax, and charging points for your gadgets.
  • Extra Luxuries – Self-care and self-love are important, and what better way to get some relaxation time than a luxurious spa or massage, and that too inside the premises of an airport! Well, some airport lounges also offer massage therapies, spas, and shower facilities to their customers. However, the best part about airport lounge access is that you do not have to worry about missing the flight, as flight monitors are placed inside the lounges. Thus, you can have an unwinding session without a worry in the world.

Now that we know why an airport lounge is worthwhile, let us look at some of the best cards with lounge access.

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  • The InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

It is one of the best credit cards offering lounge access to Indian customers. The Intermiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Card is optimal for frequent flyers and comes with an assortment of benefits, such as –

  • You get the card at a Joining Fee and Annual Fee of INR 5000
  • You receive a 10000 welcome bonus InterMiles and a complimentary discount code of INR 750 on joining.
  • Joining and annual fees are waived for InterMiles Platinum Tier Members.
  • On spending INR 100 on the card, you earn up to 10 InterMiles
  • You can earn a 5000 renewal bonus Intermiles and a complimentary discount code of INR 500 on every renewal.
  • The DragonPass Member provides customers with two international airport visits and two spa sessions annually at selected airports in India.
  • The card provides complimentary golf rounds, movie tickets, dining discounts, and more.
  • You get a 1 percent fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions at selected fuel outlets.
  • You get a 5 percent discount on booking Economy Class tickets on Etihad Airways.
  • You receive a 10 percent discount on booking Business Class tickets on Etihad Airways.
  • The card can accumulate up to a maximum of 60000 InterMiles against your spending on each anniversary year.
  1. Niyo Global Card

The second card on our list to get airport lounge access is not a Credit card but instead this International travel Card. So, what is it about? It is a prepaid card that allows you to store and transfer money electronically when traveling abroad. You can utilize the international Debit/travel card to make payments or purchase goods and services in a foreign location. In addition, you can also use the card to withdraw foreign currency loaded into them from ATMs abroad. 

Niyo Global is one of the few selected International Travel Cards that provides airport lounge access to its customers. Long layovers are a thing of the past as Niyo Global provides complimentary airport access to lounges at domestic and international terminals across India. Thus, with Niyo, you can enjoy the benefits of an international card for your overseas trip and elevate your time at the airport. An absolute win-win situation, isn’t it?

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Features of Niyo Global Card are

  • Zero Forex Markup 

Niyo Global comes with zero forex markups. Thus, all your foreign currency transactions, such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, tuition fees, etc., become cost-efficient.

  • Load INR and spend in 150+ Countries 

You can load up INR before your journey and then auto-convert the INR into the local currency of 150+ countries.

  • Easy Account Opening 

You can open your Niyo Global account easily and quickly. After you place the order, you can expect the card to arrive in the next seven business days. The best part is that you can begin online transactions with Niyo as soon as you open the account.

  • Zero Balance Savings Account 

The account attached to your card permits zero balance. Ideally, you should maintain some amount for annual interest benefits.

  • Free Airport Lounge Access  

Your account at Niyo continues to grow while you travel and you get free access to lounges at the airport, thus adding luxury to your travel plan.  

  • Security 

This Travel card comes with lock/unlock/block card options. For instance, you lose the card, then you can immediately temporarily block the entire card or individual payments, such as ATM withdrawals, contactless payments, card swipes, etc., for enhanced safety and confidentiality. 

  • Support Services 

Last but not least, Niyo Global card  offers personalized services, such as assistance through the immigration queue, baggage, and likewise. In addition, another essential element is the availability of 24/7 customer support services. Therefore, should you need assistance with your account anytime during your travels, you should be able to reach the concerned personnel of Niyo immediately.

  1. Yatra SBI Credit Card

The third card that can also help you get an airport lounge access is the Yatra Credit Card by SBI. Some of the features of the card include the following –

  • You can get the card at an affordable annual fee and renewal fee of INR 499 plus applicable taxes.
  • You get vouchers from worth INR 8250 as welcome or redeemable gifts for domestic or international travel, hotel bookings, and more.
  • The annual fee is waived if you spend INR 100000 or above for one year.
  • You get a Rs 1000 discount on domestic flight bookings for a minimum transaction of INR 5000. On the other hand, the discount increases to INR 4000 for international flights for a minimum transaction of INR 40000.
  • You also receive 20 percent on domestic hotel books for a minimum transaction of INR 3000.
  • You earn six reward points for spending INR 100 on grocery, departmental stores, dining, entertainment, and international spending.
  • One reward point = INR 0.25
  • The minimum redemption threshold is INR 1000 Reward Points
  • You get two complimentary airport lounge access per quarter.
  • The card also comes with the facility to convert transactions of INR 2500 or more into EMIs.

So, there we have it, the three cards that can help you get free airport lounge access. So, the next time you plan to go for an international trip, you know what cards to take along!