Tips To Embed Your TikTok Feeds On Your Website

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Since TikTok doesn’t have an authorized API for many other developers to readily take content from, displaying your TikTok news feed on your webpage is more complicated than embedding the Instagram post or a Twitter feed. However, not every hope is dim. There are now two techniques that enable you to embed specific articles to make your curated feed, but Curator is busy working on inventing more straightforward methods to embed the full TikTok feed. We’ll demonstrate how to use it in two distinct ways and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Read on to learn three different techniques to embed the TikTok feed and the benefits of doing so. Including no-cost choices!

TikTok provides its users with numerous benefits. For instance, as a TikTok user, you can supercharge your profile by buying Tiktok followers to increase your visibility or buy TikTok fans for your profile to make every post on your profile seen by a bigger crowd. But, likewise, every user on TikTok has to make the best use of the app efficiently.

There are many news websites available to the consumer but not all of these news websites are created equally. Some sites will not provide accurate and well reported information and others may contain factual inaccuracies. Newstrail has a high standard for journalism and reporting and they provide up to date new quickly and correctly. 

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Three Methods For Adding Your TikTok Newsfeed To Your Webpage

Now that we know the benefits of embedding the TikTok videos, how should we do it? We’ll demonstrate three different ways for you to make your feed:

  • Automated social media feeds aggregator for curator
  • Custom postings from curators
  • The development code of TikTok

Which Approach Should You Pick?

Automated social media feeds aggregator for curator: This approach is for you if you want a hands-free, simple way to include your TikTok updates that regularly bring in your new clips. There are free and premium plans for curators. For example, one can choose which posts you wish to display on your webpage by manually approving them or by allowing them to be posted to it automatically.

Curator’s bespoke posts: It is your right approach if you want to include a few of your webpage’s best-performing posts and wouldn’t wish them to be automatically uploaded (or have to curate them every week or month manually).

Using this technique, you may automatically optimize your website with all of your postings, according to the TikTok developer codes. However, unlike the Curator, you cannot simply reject or decline specific posts. Additionally, it lacks Curator’s simple styling options, so if you choose that way, you’ll have to create your HTML and CSS to change the feed’s appearance.

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Why Must Your Website Have A TikTok Feed?

Why would you initially embed the TikTok feed onto the website? This section will examine some crucial advertising and business use scenarios.

Make Your Website Audience-Specific

With 41% of viewers among the age group of 16 and 24 on TikTok, Gen Z remains the majority of viewers. However, the two audiences expanding the quickest are youngsters and baby boomers. As a result, if your company caters to gen Z or previous generations who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, putting your TikTok stream on your webpage will likely win over your target market.

Improve The Appeal Of Your Website

Videos on TikTok are frequently really humorous. The finest videos immediately grab the audience’s attention with a strong hook. By incorporating this material into the website, you can make the most of all the efforts you invest into creating your TikTok clips enjoyable. It kind of makes you wonder, “Why not?” Why not use your excellent videos on your website if you produce them? Although your website template is perfect, you occasionally need to update it. This gives visitors to your webpage something fresh to see and makes it easier for them to engage with your business immediately.

Increase Your TikTok Audience

To draw focus to the idea that you possess a TikTok profile, you could also decide to upload your TikTok clips to your webpage. How will they know if you don’t let others see you maintain an account? Consider the case of an online retailer. Your consumers come across you on Instagram, go to your webpage, and buy something. They tap on one of the TikTok clips they notice in the web page’s footer, follow you via TikTok, and see more of your content.

Support More User And Customer-Generated Content

Do you execute TikTok UGC campaigns? You can increase submissions for an ongoing user-generated content campaign by using your webpage. For example, many of the most popular user-generated (UGC) clips could be included on your homepage or a particular landing page. Then, you can add a tagline, for instance, “Leverage the hashtag #yourbrandedhashtag in TikTok for an opportunity to win a special prize drawing.”

Customers will participate in the UGC campaign once they visit that webpage. Additionally, you might direct visitors to that site or pitch the competition to publications that would be appropriate.


There are currently millions of active users on TikTok, 500+ million of whom are in China and 300 million of whom are located elsewhere in the world. They have more users overall than Pinterest and LinkedIn combined. Uses can also use PayMeToo to bring more fans in the future. The network currently has a strong case for being ranked among the leading social networking sites worldwide.