Top 3 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In the contemporary era, almost every other person is interested in knowing what their kid, partner, or business associate is doing on their smartphones. If you explore “spy app for Android phone” on Google, you will be surprised to notice that this particular question carries over a thousand results. Finding the best-hidden spy app is a hurdle, especially if you are a new user in the world of spy apps.

There could be various purposes that make people behold someone’s smartphone or tablet. For instance, one may crave to know if their family is protected, and others may want to investigate the cyber activities of their workers. Possibly, the only way to make your spying activity good is by practising the most reliable spy applications for Android.

The one who uses the hidden spy apps for Android admits their importance. There are many Android monitoring apps, but the trial is how to obtain the most suitable one. The person who has done a thorough investigation on it can quickly discover a user-friendly, and reliable Android spying app. Spying on smart devices goes beyond the GPS location. Breaches of the online world include mobile Hacking, Blackmailing others, Misuse of corporeal Information, and digital Predation.

Through manual monitoring, you can’t check the cyber activities of any Android phone or tab. Moreover, mobile checking is not possible now as everyone has privacy concerns. 

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What is the importance of spying apps?

Hidden spy apps have gained their importance by the rise in the usage of Mobile phones. For instance, an Android monitoring app helps you monitor and track the cell phone activities of either your spouse, employee or kid.

There are many reasons one should spy on their dear ones; some of them are discussed below:

  • To Form a Safe Digital Atmosphere:

Android spying helps parents keep track of every offline and online activity of their child. Guardians can disclose possible threats by spying on their kids’ mobile activities. Then, they can take necessary actions to keep their kids safe and protected from the digital world.

  • Real-time Locations:

When it comes to corporal matters, spying on your employee may keep them on the right track and prevent wastage of time. In addition, the real-time locations of remote employees can help you identify whether they are working or not.

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  • To Keep a Keen Eye:

While talking about companies, they must take precautionary measures to protect and establish their relations with their employees. An Android spying app is the best solution for it. Furthermore, it’s also possible that your employee may share your valuable credentials with your competitors; to keep your business safe and smooth, you must have a keen eye on them.

  • Spying on Spouse:

To make your relationship strong and smooth, you may install a hidden spy app for Android devices on your target phone and can easily find if your partner cheats on you.

  • To Backup Android Phones:

The user can use the Spy app for Android to retrieve their data and personal information. It’s more helpful while you’ve changed your phone or it may be lost or stolen.

Three Best Hidden Spy Apps:

Further, this blog will reveal the top 3 best hidden spy apps for Android phones and tablets that work in hidden mode remotely. So, let’s cut the matter short & explore the Android monitoring app to spy.

The following are the three best hidden Android spy apps in the spy application management, granting users exclusive remote access to their targeted smartphones and tablets in real-time.

  1. TheWiSpy – Android Spy App
  2.  FlexiSpy – Hidden Spy App
  3. mSpy – Parental Control App

All three applications stated above work in full secured mode. Therefore, it indicates that you can secretly work with these apps without letting your end-user know about this monitoring.

Let’s begin evaluating the best spy apps for Android in detail.

TheWiSpy – Android Spy App:

TheWiSpy endures first place in the list of best-hidden spy apps for Android. It is considered the best Android monitoring app with compelling features to monitor every target phone or tablet activity. It is an undetectable spyware program with a user-friendly web and app interface. In addition, TheWiSpy offers an exclusive cell phone and tablet spy medium, helping its users take absolute control over their target device.

TheWiSpy is rich in features that proposes more than 30 traits with quality results. 


  1. Location Tracking:

Every parent or employee wants to know the whereabouts of their target devices. TheWiSpy has two primary location tracing services:

  • Trace GPS Location:

GPS tracking lets the user track the real-time location of your end device. Then, the application reaches the map on the smart device and records all the places where it operates. So you can quickly check the locations your target device visited.

  • GeoFencing:

Mark the critical positions on the phone’s map by TheWiSpy, block these zones so the target device won’t go there. Then, if your child enters any of these sites, TWS will send notifications to you. 

  1. Manage Call Logs:

TheWiSpy will let you monitor all incoming and outgoing call logs. You can  track abstained calls on the target device. Furthermore, you can obtain contact details such as the contact name, timings and number. In addition, you can tape ongoing calls secretly by using the best spy app for android phone.

  1. Track Messages:

You will have access to SMS on the target’s phone. That suggests you can read conversations, view history, and delete messages. 

  1. Access Multimedia Files:

You can obtain multimedia files stored on the end device. It includes all the files of video, audio and photos. As TheWiSpy allows remote monitoring, you can see all these files. 

  1. Social Media Tracking:

TheWiSpy enables its user to monitor all social media applications with the help of exceptional functionality. It lets you view the messages, calls, and all the online actions of  Social apps (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc) 

  1. Check Emails:

TWS allows you to review emails and download multimedia folders attached or sent.

  1. Surround Recording:

TheWiSpy offers a unique trait of surround recording. It allows you to hear the enclosed surroundings of your child or employee. Then, the app reaches the microphone of the smart device and updates the recorded audio.

  1. Trace Browsing Activity:

TheWiSpy can help you review the browsing activities of the target device. You can see the visited websites, download folder, and cached sites. Then, using remote monitoring and control, users can block offensive sites so the target mobile phone or tablet can’t address them. 

Other features include; 


Monitoring Calendar 

Spying Camera, 

Contact details, 

24/7 Instant Alerts

Wi-Fi Logs


TheWiSpy is a profoundly compatible application that sustains all android phones and tablets. 


  It offers three price plans for Android monitoring. 

  •   Basic: 1-month price plan $19.99.
  •   Premium: 1-month  price plan $ 29.99.
  •    Platinum: 1-month price plan  $49.99.

FlexiSpy – Hidden Spy App:

It’s another best spying app. It has some convincing spying characteristics. The FlexiSpy app will let you view messages, hear and receive calls through WhatsApp, Instagram and other social apps. 


  • Tape the surroundings.
  • Capture photos on the target device.
  • Recording videos.
  • Location tracking.
  • Transfer SMS from the target device.   
  •  Get call announcements.
  •  Hear ongoing calls.
  • Trace calls.


  • Lite – $29.95
  • Premium – $68.00
  • Extreme – $199.00 


This software is cooperative with all devices regulating on Android 8 and later. 

mSpy –  Parental Control App

It is ranked number three among the best-hidden spy Android apps. It permits its users to spy on text messages, track locations, view call log history, and review emails of the target device. 

mSpy is the parental tracking app. It is the only app that gives the ability to restrict or limit screen time. If you want to monitor your children or employees, mSpy has been serving for a long time and has many customers worldwide. App icon is Unidentified and you can monitor more than one user at once.

It is the most widespread spyware globally, it gives all those standard features provided by other apps, but mSpy lacks advanced features such as camera spying, surround recordings etc. 

Specifications include:

  • Monitor Messenger.
  • Track Calls
  • Read Texts Messages.
  • Spy on Media Files.
  • Review emails
  • View browsing history,
  • Contacts list,
  • Multimedia folders, 
  • Location tracking 


mSpy is adaptable with all android devices, but it needs rooting Android devices for installing the software.


  •  The basic package costs $29.99 per month.
  •  The premium package costs $69.99 per month.

In A Nutshell:

All three apps are hidden & undetective on any Android phone. Selecting the best apps to spy on Android devices depends on your obligations and resources. So make sure you invest in the most reliable and suitable Android monitoring app that proposes the required features within your resources with best results.