Top 5 Human Resources Functions to Automate for Business Efficiency

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Written By Charlotte Miller


As a rule, the job duties of ordinary HR departments consist of repetitive and monotonous tasks. They should generate contracts with new employees, handle paperwork, organize training sessions, etc. The list of set assignments can appear never-ending. Thus, HR teams may not have enough hours in the day to cope with all of them.
This is where automation will be helpful. As soon as you follow hr process automation, you will understand the importance of automation and the ways it can take a load off the backs of over-stretched HR teams. Basically, an HR system is any tool that can be used by HR departments to more efficiently store, process, and report on information and data. If you would like to find out more about HR systems, check this article by Timetastic. Automating significant human resources functions and processes is a good way to save valuable resources and improve staff workflows. Thus, let’s look at five functions that should be automated obligatory.

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Hiring and Onboarding

One of the duties of HR teams is to hire new workers and manage the onboarding process. Automating HR processes is a smart way to integrate all of the various tasks that should be performed when a new employee joins your company as well as different people who are involved in your business. For instance, organization of orientation conferences, carrying out training sessions, providing access to IT, etc.
If you decide to automate these activities, this will make the onboarding experience more personal and efficient for your new workers. This, in its turn, provides your company with the opportunity to make a great first impression. This can be useful for your business if it is involved in a war with competitors to retain the best staff. Automation will bring a real edge to your organization.

Offboarding Process

One of the HR automation examples is an offboarding process. When an employee intends to leave an organization, HR departments will be responsible for coordinating a large number of things. For example, a team should complete checklists manually and chase outstanding tasks.
If the offboarding process will be automated, the HR department will never miss important steps. All valuable information and data will be gathered. Completion of all steps will be tracked. These steps may include the return of IT equipment and access cards, finalizing salary and benefits, etc.
If we take the average turnover rate in the United States, we will see there will be no good results without automation since a large number of manual forms and tasks should be completed manually every time an employee sends the notice.

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Efficiency Evaluation

The annual performance appraisal comments process is another duty of HR departments. There is a need to complete multiple feedback questionnaires as well as performance review documents, collate scores, and more. One will not dispute that such activities are time-consuming and require to be performed manually. As a result, the precious time of HR teams is depleted. Annual performance appraisal comments This is where a workflow tool can be utilized for customizing the performance appraisal process of HR departments. How will it work? Tools will be given to employees and managers in order to speed up the time necessary to complete the performance appraisal process. Automatic reminders, built-in scoring calculation matrices, and simple to use templates are some of such tools. Moreover, valuable consistency is ensured.
This is not the only benefit of HR automation software for the performance appraisal process. It can likewise improve the motivation and raise the morale of workers during this inevitable annual activity.

Management of Time Off and Leave

One of the most widespread complaints of HR teams is the time and effort that is required to confirm time off requests from their colleagues. As a rule, paper forms or emails are utilized, and leave entitlement should be calculated manually.
Automation can grant a worker a digital form pre-filled with their available leave balance. This will enable managers to get access to common team calendars to procure department coverage in addition to one-step authorization processes.
According to a recently carried out study, approximately one in five managers claim they allocate nearly five hours a day on administrative duties, for example, tracking. The results of this study only indicate how this process is time-consuming in reality. It interferes with managers performing more important and valuable activities that would positively influence the success of your company.

Recruitment Requests

What is the best way for improving communication between the entire HR team and managers? The solution is to allow managers to complete a digital form to transfer all data about the actual vacancy and the potential candidate to the HR department. Miscommunication will be excluded during the recruitment process. As we can see, human resources workflow automation brings advantages only.
Moreover, this digital form can be utilized by HR for checking off all necessary steps connected with candidates, for example tracking several appointments for interviews and requesting references.
The time of HR managers should be spent to good use. That’s why HR automation will be helpful for ensuring that the majority of their performed work is necessary and valuable.


Possessing the right talent for your company is a must-have for your business to prosper. Still, one may be surprised after discovering that a large number of organizations do not stop managing their HR by utilizing outdated manual processes. The world is changing thus, HR processes should be updated as well. Otherwise, outdated HR methods can interfere with your company to accelerate its growth and become more efficient.
If the HR team continues to orient itself in expense claims, performance management, and vacation requests by manual attempts, it will have less time to perform higher-value tasks.
Have you wondered how many HR processes can be automated easily? From the automation check stubs to the hiring function, HR teams will get benefits from automation for sure.
HR is an available option for many organizations. There is no need to rely on other solutions that may require programming and hiring skilled staff. This means your company will be prevented from unwanted expenses. The already discussed HR processes can be automated cost-effectively and simply.
If your company and the HR department are among those that still rely on a manual process, then you should start thinking of transferring to automation with seriousness. You will rapidly experience huge advantages and your HR team will thank you for assisting them to make their duties simpler.