Top 5 PDF Writers (Compared & Reviewed)

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Top 5 PDF Writers (FREE and PAID)

A PDF writer allows you to write on PDF per your requirements. However, with many options available, it can be confusing for a user to select from one of the tools. So, here we will compare and review the top 5 free and paid tools you can use to write PDF documents.

Part 1. 5 Best PDF Writers

While shortlisting the top 5 options, we covered the tools that meet everyone’s requirements regardless of their device and operating system. So, here are our top 5 picks for the best PDF writers that you can use:

  1. UPDF – No1. PDF Writer for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (Cheap)

If you are searching for the best PDF writers, UPDF will surely reach the top. It is a complete PDF tool with editing, writing, sharing, and all other features while keeping the price cheap and market competitive. However, here we will focus mainly on its PDF writing features. With UPDF, you can start writing on blank-page PDF documents, which means complete control over how you format information in your PDF document.

It also supports working on PDF documents that are previously created, and you want to add some information to them. With UPDF, you can add information to the original text without disturbing any formatting. It also allows you to add text comments, text-box comments, and pencil drawing comments.

UPDF takes writing in PDF to the next step with its UPDF AI feature. It is a built-in artificial intelligence chatbot that can significantly help your PDF writing experience. You can use UPDF AI for research purposes; there will be no need to go anywhere else. Moreover, it can translate, rewrite, and explain the contents of PDF documents.

Since UPDF works on all devices, you can write in the PDF document on all devices with a similar experience. So, if you also want rich experience in writing or editing PDF documents, you may download and use UPDF now.

And UPDF is known as a complete suite of PDF editing tools, and you can use several other features that include:

  • UPDF Cloud for saving your documents online and syncing across all devices with your account
  • Batch PDF processing that allows to convert, combine, and do more with multiple PDFs at once
  • UPDF supports converting PDFs to other formats and other format files to PDF
  • You can merge, split, and organize PDF documents and their pages.
  • UPDF allows to compress of PDF documents and to encrypt them for security
  • It comes with an OCR feature with 99% accuracy. With the accuracy and powerful OCR feature, UPDF makes canned documents editing text very easy.
  • UPDF supports easy annotation, collaboration, and sharing of PDF documents.

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  1. Adobe Acrobat – The Most Professional PDF Writer (Very Expensive)

If you are looking for the most professional PDF writer, Adobe Acrobat is a good choice. It is a PDF writing, editing and viewing tool known for its enterprise-grade performance. Adobe Acrobat brings advanced features with technical experience when writing PDF documents. However, once you go through the learning curve of Adobe Acrobat, writing in PDF with it will feel like using a word processor.

With Adobe Acrobat you can add and edit text in PDF documents. Even if the PDFs are scanned, you can add and edit text in them while customizing visual aspects of the PDF. Adobe Acrobat also allows you to add text and pencil comments to write on the PDF documents. You can create and fill in forms with it.

It not only supports writing in new PDF documents, but you can easily modify text in existing PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat also packs a content redaction feature that removes specific information permanently from PDF documents, and no one can retrieve it; hence it helps with content privacy.

  1. PDFfiller – The Best PDF Writer Online

PDFfiller is primarily known as the best online PDF writing tool, but it comes with native applications for desktop and mobile devices. However, its cloud-based platform improves utility and versatility by providing tailored text editing and writing tools like pencils. It makes content modification and formatting a straightforward process.

It allows you to write on a PDF document with a pencil commenting feature, you can add text comments, and even add text matching with the original text in that PDF document. PDFfiller also provides annotation features for using stamps, watermarks, and signatures to write on a PDF.

PDFfiller also comes with advanced PDF text editing and writing features like writing with the underline format or highlighting text after writing. This online tool can create static and dynamic interactive forms to be edited and filled in for data collection. When writing on a PDF document, you can use the signature tool of PDFfiller to create unique digital signatures to ensure document authenticity and content security.

  1. Docfly – The Best Free Online PDF Writer

Docfly is the best free online platform for writing PDF documents which allows you to deal with 3 files each month without any payment. It allows adding, modifying, or deleting text from a PDF document. With Docfly you can write on new PDF documents and also old ones. It uses OCR technology to make images and scanned documents editable so you can edit or write text on them. Apart from writing in the orginal text format, users can add text comments for note-taking and other requirements.

It comes with a smart whiteout tool which removes the need to use anything on the PDF text or delete it to hide the content. This feature enables users to hide specific PDF document portions for revision or information concealment.

Beyond text, DocFly has powerful annotation features that enable group evaluations via freehand sketching, highlighting, and sticky notes. Its capacity to transform static papers into interactive fillable forms, streamlining information collecting, will be valued by those involved in data collection. The software also expands its writing tools to insert watermarks, enabling branding or secrecy stamps.

  1. CutePDF Writer – The Best Desktop Free PDF Writer

CutePDF is a desktop-based PDF writing tool. It can take a PDF document from any application, allowing you to start writing on it without requiring conversion. CutePDF writer also offers a platform for introducing text fields, buttons, and other interactive components for creating dynamic electronic forms.

Users can add new text in their PDF documents wherever they want and apart from text, it allows adding media like images. CutePDF also supports adding annotations and comments in text to improve readability. When adding comments users can change the text size, style, positioning, and other visual elements unless it meets their needs.

With its encryption features, security while composing or editing important documents is handled with ease. Users may configure passwords and permissions to limit who has access to the written material. It does not come with extensive PDF editing features, but if you only need to write on a PDF document, the CutePDF app will be a great choice.

Part 2. Which One is The Better PDF Writer for You?

The previous part stated how each tool offered you a PDF writing experience. It is important to note that these tools have much in common, which can confuse the decision. However, in the table below, we will highlight the key distinguishing factors among these top 5 tools. Hence, you can easily select one after going through the table.

UPDF Adobe Acrobat PDFfiller Docfly CutePDF
Adding and editing text

Creating and filling forms

Freehand drawing and comments

Built-in AI for writing in PDF

x x x x
Price $29.99 annual

$49.99 perpetual

$29.99 monthly $20 monthly $7.99 monthly $49.95 one-time
Customer Rating G2: 4.8/5 Software Advice: 4.5/5 TrustPilot: 4.5/5 G2: 4.2/5 G2: 4.5/5
Platforms Supported Android














Web Windows


Ease of use 5/5 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5

Whether you consider the pricing, features, or customer ratings from various online review platforms, UPDF makes the better choice among all 5 tools. It offers a better experience regarding supported platforms and syncing your work across different devices. On top of everything, UPDF is the easiest to use, no matter which device you use it on. So, if you want to try it, now is a great time since UPDF currently offers a 63% discount on its premium plan.


While PDF documents still meet their old format retention and data integrity requirements, PDF writer tools have evolved significantly in the past few years. Today we can find several tools that allow creating PDF documents from blank pages or writing on previously made PDF documents, and we reviewed the top 5 options here.

With a detailed review and comparison of these 5 tools, we hope you can easily select the tool that fits your budget and brings the necessary features. If you are still confused, go for UPDF since it brings the best pricing, features, and user experience. It can easily meet your primary PDF writing requirements, and there will still be a lot of features left to explore. So, download and start using it today.