Top 7 FiveM Mods that Will Change Your Game Experience

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Written By Charlotte Miller

FiveM is a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to set up their servers with custom game modes, maps, scripts and more. With thousands of available mods, FiveM offers an incredibly diverse and customizable gameplay experience far beyond the original GTA V.

In this article, we’ll highlight seven of the best FiveM mods that can radically transform and enhance your time in Los Santos. From graphics overhauls to new vehicles and weapons, expanded game mechanics, and roleplay-focused scripts, these mods demonstrate FiveM’s incredible potential to create a tailored Grand Theft Auto multiplayer world.

LSPD First Response

One of the most popular GTA 5 mods for enhancing roleplay in FiveM is LSPD First Response. This massive script does a 180° turnaround on the police force and justice system mechanics that are part of GTA V.

Players can enroll in the role of police officers through the mod’s Police Academy system. As they get promoted and take the oath of office, they get access to a wide range of police-only equipment and vehicles, such as helicopters, SWAT vans, spike strips and others. The mod has the most realistic citation and arrest system, where officers can stop any NPCs or players for road traffic violations, conduct searches, make arrests, and transport the perpetrators.

With functions like perpetual criminal and police records, real cop and radio dispatch systems, and sophisticated evidence collection and forensic systems – GTA LSPD First Response stands out for its incredible immersiveness. It’s a must-have add-on for any FiveM server that plans to replicate a real-life law and justice system.

FiveM Redux

For players looking to enhance Grand Theft Auto V’s visuals above and beyond what the base game offers, FiveM Redux is an excellent graphics mod that significantly improves the game’s aesthetics while retaining smooth performance.

FiveM Redux incorporates advanced rendering techniques, such as ambient occlusion, parallax occlusion mapping, volumetric lighting, and depth-of-field effects. These techniques create more realistic shadowing, lighting, textures, and camera focus in the world.

The mod also introduces new high-resolution particle effects for elements like fire, explosions, smoke, rain, and vehicle trails. Vibrant color grading gives Los Santos beautiful sunrises and sunsets. All these visual upgrades truly make the GTA V world feel more alive.

Best of all, FiveM Redux manages to add all these graphical improvements while maintaining a smooth 60 FPS framerate even on mid-range systems – making it accessible for most players. For one of the biggest leaps in GTA V graphics available today, FiveM Redux is a must-have mod.

European Roads

While GTA V’s Los Santos map is extremely detailed and features a variety of environments, one aspect many players wish was more realistic is the roads. With American-style wide lanes, road markings, signs, and intersections, the world doesn’t translate perfectly to European driving.

That’s where the European Roads mod comes in. As the name suggests, it completely transforms Los Santos’ roads to match real European layouts and markings. From narrower lane widths to new road paint, updated traffic signs, custom intersections, roundabouts, and more – it makes driving around the city feel much more authentic for European players.

With the mod installed, players must adapt their driving style to tighter spaces and unique intersections and change right-of-way rules in certain areas. This encourages more careful driving while also making simple cruises around the city a fresh experience. For FiveM servers based in European cities, it’s an easy mod to make the world design more accurate.

Trucking Missions

The Trucking Missions and Trucking Missions Revised mods are great additions to your FiveM server if you’re a player who loves to travel. With the help of these mods, you can play a range of trucking missions where you have to move cargo around the map and earn money and reputation by finishing each task.

As a trucker, you’ll need to carefully drive a semi-trailer from each pick-up point to the destination while following all road rules and avoiding damage. Various cargo loads, such as construction materials, farm goods, and containers, must be hauled to locations like the port, warehouses, or specific businesses around the city.

If you want to roleplay an American big-rig driver in Los Santos while enjoying scenic drives through Blaine County, these trucking mods are a must-have for unique freight delivery gameplay.

Soft Shooting Sounds

One of Grand Theft Auto V’s most iconic aspects is its over-the-top gun sound effects. From the bassy boom of shotgun blasts to the crack of sniper fire, the gun SFX is deliberately exaggerated and impactful. But this can detract from immersion for some players.

That’s where the Soft Shooting Sounds FiveM mod comes in. As you may have guessed from the name, it significantly softens and mutes the audio levels of gunfire within the game for a more realistic experience.

Weapons don’t dominate and overwhelm the soundscape anymore. Quieter, more subtle gun noises blend smoothly into the world ambiance instead of drowning it out. Combined with graphics mods like FiveM Redux, this more naturalized gun audio makes shootouts feel cinematic yet grounded.

Realistic Stars

Grand Theft Auto V’s dynamic day-night cycle already adds immersion and variety to Los Santos with the flowing time of day. However, one perpetually unrealistic element is the night sky: the moon appears unnaturally oversized and at low altitudes, while the stars look more like static white dots than real celestial bodies.

The Realistic Stars FiveM mod solves these issues for good. It introduces a real-life star map to the GTA V skybox, with accurate constellations in their proper phases based on date and location. The moon is rescaled and repositioned properly as well. Nighttime now features realistic Big Dipper, Orion, and other constellation patterns dotting the heavens.

Vehicles Jetpack

What better way to explore the open world of Los Santos than by soaring through the air at high speeds? The Vehicles Jetpack mod adds exactly that – a custom jetpack vehicle spawnable through the FiveM menu.

Strapping into this single-person jetpack lets you take to the skies and fly over, under, and through structures across the entire Grand Theft Auto V map. Built using a custom vehicle framework, it controls surprisingly smoothly – players can hover, accelerate and maneuver in all directions easily with practice.

The jetpack is a joy to use for aerial sightseeing, finding hidden spots, or just goofing around with aerial stunts. Its convenient portable size means it can be spawned virtually anywhere, letting you take off instantly from the tops of buildings. Refueling is as easy as landing for a few seconds.


Thanks to FiveM and the incredible modding community, the world of GTA Online offers engaging new horizons beyond what Rockstar ever imagined. Servers can customize virtually every aspect to create true roleplaying experiences, fun mini-games, and expanded mechanics that remain fresh even for veteran players.

From deeper emergency response systems to European road layouts, striking graphical overhauls to trucking simulator jobs – these 7 mods demonstrate just a fraction of what’s possible to transform the gameplay. FiveM lets you reshape Los Santos into the city of your dreams.