Top 7 Must-Have Shoes For Every Man

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Written By Berry Mathew

The shoes you wear play a major role in adding smartness to your look if you wear a pair of shoes matching your dress and overall style. 

Fashion-conscious people always pay attention to the footwear they use. If you wear outdated shoes, it can spoil your overall style statement. 

You need specific types of shoes for specific purposes. For example, you should wear gym-friendly shoes and sneakers while working out.

It’s highly recommended that you wear formal footwear for corporate events and stylish ones for informal events. Choose a pair of shoes that match the theme of the event. 

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Here Are The Top 7 Shoes For Men That They Can’t Ignore:

Oxford Shoe

Oxford Shoes are known as the classy ones. Though it is available in several colors, the black-colored one is marked as the most valued by fashion-conscious people. 

This is the ideal choice for all special occasions, whether it is a boardroom meeting of a corporate company or a marriage reception party. 


This is an all season-shoe. You can wear it for different purposes. Brogues are also called dress shoes, as they complement all types of outfits.

People have been putting on Brogues for the last 200 years or more. It is the best type of shoe for outdoor work. 

It may be mentioned here celebrities, and famous people love flaunting their brogue shoes at various fashion events, concerts, and parties. For example, Hollywood celebrities like Cary Grant and Fred Astaire are often spotted with Brogues. 

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Leather Boots

Boots are available in different colors, including dark brown, red, and black. People prefer leather boots during the winter season. These shoes are usually ankle-high and protect you from cold. You can get a wide variety of leather boots on Louges. Choose the boot that suits your needs and aspirations. 

A branded leather boot is classy and fashionable. It has an aesthetic value and is popular worldwide. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots has continued to romp the male fashion world for the last several decades. These boots are available all over the world. You can flaunt your Chelsea boots on all occasions. 

Initially, Chelsea Boots were also known as Paddock Boots. However, in the early 1950s, it came to be known as the Chelsea Boot. 

Suede Chukka

In recent years, it has gained wide popularity across the world. However, Suede Chukka has been in fashion since the time of the Second World War. 

The British army officers and soldiers preferred this shoe as it enabled them to move even in mountainous terrains and sandy deserts without any inconvenience. 

This ankle-high boot with minimum lacing eyelets is considered a smart footwear option. People who are looking for durable and versatile shoes can prefer Suede Chukka. You can comfortably walk across difficult terrains and pathways while putting on this footwear. 

This is usually considered an informal type of shoe you can wear with jeans, pants, and polo shirts. 

Several famous personalities and A-list celebrities like Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, David Beckham, Anthony Bourdain, Daniel Craig, Zack Efron, and Idris Alba have flaunted their Suede Chukka shoes on numerous occasions.


Loafers are popular all over the world. Of course, footwear has its origin in Scandinavian countries. But it has become part of modern culture and lifestyle. 

Though people love putting them on in the summer season, loafers are comfy enough to be worn in winter too. It is a lace-free shoe and is best for casual events and parties. 

You need specific types of shoes for specific purposes. For example, you should wear gym-friendly shoes and sneakers while working out or sustainable men’s shoes for the perfect everyday sneaker.


Sneakers offer an elegant and stylish look. You can wear a pair of sneakers for jogging and casual walks. In addition, sneakers are the best footwear for all types of informal and non-official events. 

However, you can also wear sneakers occasionally to your office on Fridays or weekends. 

In Conclusion

Your selection of footwear depends on your choice of comfort, style, and budget. These seven shoes are trendy footwear options for men for formal and informal gatherings. This article can come in handy when you wish to buy a new shoe online.

If you are looking for elegant, comfy, and durable shoes, go with any of the footwear mentioned above. All these shoes are durable and made of high-quality materials.