Top React Native Libraries you can find!

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Nowadays, your life revolves around powerful communication tools such as Facebook or Instagram which you use for entertainment purposes or communication purposes. Every day, it would be pie to say that your day does not pass without checking a glimpse of one of these social applications. Whether you are eager to know about worldly news or want to find out what your favorite movie star is up to, we bet your mind must have never thought about how these applications were developed. Well, let me tell you, these popular social media apps are climbing due to the most popular technology which is working behind the scenes. Yes, let me tell you. These eye-capturing social apps such as Uber, Facebook, or even skype, etc have one thing in common. Yes, just one. That is, they are all developed with React Native. React Native is a cross-platform which is used for the development of a mobile framework that helps to create eye-capturing user interfaces. Therefore, in this blog, we will explain how you can find the best React Native libraries for UI that will help you to develop reward-gaining applications for your new business venture.

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React Native Libraries

React Native has many libraries. However, UI is only a part of them. These React Native libraries are created to reduce the load of software developers and make their entire process less time-consuming. Therefore, these libraries include some incredible out of the box React Native components which can be included into your mobile phones or web applications to create enthralling interfaces. Therefore, if you are a developer, all you can do is to use ready made elements by adjusting them to the needs or wants of the software instead of writing the codes from the start all over again.

That’s why, here are some amazing React Native libraries which you can find and include them into your projects. These libraries are used by many software engineers across business activities.


Nativebase is one of the first library that comes into your mind if you are a software engineer. Even though it is not the only software that is packed with cross platform React Native components, but also gives you many useable instruments including the component kit starter such as (text fields, buttons, keyboards, etc) along with theme templates. If you use Native Base library, you can build an agreeable interface without any hassle which is infused with customisable attributes with extra functionality. Hence, it is the best starting point to corm easy use and visually appealing React Native apps for yourself.

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React Native elements

React Native elements is very easy to use and can has customised UI kits. However, its design is not the only thing we will talk about. Over here, we will talk about the structure of its components. In React Native elements, you will find few templates which are not great for all the new software engineers. On top of that, it controls over the design. Moreover, if you want to model components as you like, you can always do it. React Native elements has a UI library which makes you save a lot of time and energy as you will never have to re write the codes over and over again. For example, when you need a button, a software developer can just write the code once.

React Native Material UI

If you are thinking what features react native material UI holds for you, it comes with great 20 amazingly customised UI components such as drawers, buttons, avatars, toolbars and so much more! The React Native material UI incorporates Material Design principles for the components it has. This elements make the job easy and reduces the level of difficulty of navigation and enhances the experience of the users. Such as if you look at the theme, it is usually utilised for hyper customisation. Therefore, if you want to make any changes to the theme, you always can. Furthermore, no matter how much changes you want to make, you can always have the same visual peculiarities just like the original theme.

React Native Paper

It is one of the most amazing libraries as it is an open source library which guides all the developers by covering up vast variety of cases. Furthermore, it helps to form responsive user interfaces for web and mobile. If you work on iOS or Android, this library has all special tools and instruments to enhance the user experience. Furthermore, this library is well-maintained by its community and works well in diverse backgrounds.

React Native Material Kit

React Native Material kit is another library that brings you material design to react native and allows you to form custom UI elements from the start. Hence, it is the most famous react native component libraries which you can find that helps to create UI components for your mobile and web.

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