Types of explainer videos

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Every day more and more enterprises and companies begin to use explainer videos on their resources. Therefore, in this article we will understand what it is and what types of videos are.

What are explanatory videos?

Let’s start with the most basic, namely the definition. Explainer videos are informative videos that usually last up to 5 minutes and describe the activities of the company and its features. The bottom line is that this is not some kind of tutorial, but a real marketing message that helps increase conversions and familiarize the user with you.

The main video consists of two stages. The first implies a description of the problem that bothered the many. The second part of the video shows how your service, product or product helps to solve it. Although it all depends on your preferences. Someone prefers to tell the history of the company in explanatory videos.

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Where can you order this video?

When entrepreneurs begin to understand how valuable and useful a video is, they begin to think about where they can order it. And in such cases explainer video services come to the rescue. This is a company with extensive experience, which can easily implement any of your ideas, and thereby increase conversions.

What types of explainer videos exist?

Let’s move on to the most interesting part of our article. In order to get a good and high-quality video, you need to decide on its type. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible options and their features.

In fact, the types of videos can be different. After all, the world does not stand still and every day comes up with newer ways to convey information and attract customers. In this article, we’ll look at the 3 most common types of explainer videos that will definitely increase conversions by several times.


Let’s start with Realistic Explanatory Videos. These are non-animated promotional videos that use actors and recordings to explain products or services. They are generally recommended for companies that sell products or services that are better presented in real life than through animation or illustration. But there is one drawback here. Realistic videos mean that you are locked in the real world – there is no room for fantasy. Each of us wants to add a little magic and dream up, so this can be attributed to a small drawback. Although in general, such videos evoke seriousness and confidence in your brand or company.

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Animated explainer videos are a more popular style when choosing an explainer video. This is the format used by consulting companies, startups, software makers, and other segments. Animated explainer videos allow for much more creativity, are easier to edit or update if there are no changes to the business, and have more compelling value than realistic super products. It also encourages an interesting presentation of unusual products or services that would be difficult to explain in another format.

White board

Whiteboard explainer videos are also a fairly current type that most explainer video companies use. An explanatory whiteboard video is created using animation in which all events take place on a white background. This format has become very popular due to the speed of creation and ease of adaptation of content. As a rule, there is a hand in the video from which the whole context is drawn and an explanation occurs.

Now you know what types of explanatory videos exist. If you want to drive conversions and present your site in a more interesting way, then these videos are the perfect option for you. The main thing before this is to decide on the type that will appeal to you and fit the characteristics of your company.