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Proving negligence is essential to obtaining compensation after a catastrophic truck accident in Arizona. You cannot bring a lawsuit against the truck driver or the trucking firm if there is neither carelessness nor culpability. Therefore, you must unequivocally demonstrate that the trucking firm or the truck driver is at fault to establish negligence.

You will also need to gather evidence specific to truck collision instances, which is where a truck accident attorney comes in. Learn more about Phoenix truck accident lawyer here. This can assist you in demonstrating that your accident was caused by negligence or by breaking FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations. The following kinds of evidence are critical to prove negligence in truck accident cases:

In-cab camera and black box data.

The truck’s black box data can determine the vehicle’s speed, if the driver engaged the brakes, how long they went without stopping, and other information. Cameras in the cab of many trucks, which can face either inside or outside, might also provide evidence of the truck driver’s actions just before the collision. Concerned people can ascertain from the footage whether or not the driver took the necessary precautions to prevent a crash. It may also explain whether the trucker was distracted when the collision occurred.

Data from electronic logging devices.

The electronic logbook contains essential details regarding the duration of truck drivers’ breaks and the time spent driving before taking a break. These devices record how long the driver drove the truck without stopping. This information may be helpful when figuring out whether the truck driver and the trucking company broke any FMCSA laws or regulations.

Records of truck inspections.

Truck drivers must inspect their vehicles before each trip, every day, and after the voyage. You will need these data to determine if the truck had any issues before the accident.

Truck maintenance records

Trucking companies must have their vehicles maintained and repaired as needed. They also have to abide by FMCSA regulations regarding truck maintenance. Some trucking businesses may take shortcuts when repairing and maintaining their fleet. You must examine their maintenance records to determine if they followed these guidelines. Your lawyer can utilize the trucking company’s maintenance records to hold them accountable if they demonstrate negligence in maintaining the truck’s safety.

Shipping documents

If your truck collision was caused by improper cargo loading, the shipping business may be held liable. You need their documents to decide whether to file a claim with their insurance carrier.

Test results for drugs and alcohol.

If you want to find out if the truck driver was drunk at the time of your collision and if they had a history of substance or alcohol misuse, you’ll need to get records of their drug and alcohol tests.

Personnel file of the trucker.

You may find out if a truck driver is qualified to operate a commercial truck if they have any medical issues that would make it dangerous for them to drive by looking through their personnel file at the trucking firm.

The takeaway

You will need the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer to determine what evidence may be helpful to your claim.

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