Unique Ways to Place Plant Boxes Throughout the Home

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Placing plant boxes throughout your home can add a refreshing and natural touch to your interior decor.

Creative ideas for incorporating plant boxes in different areas of your home

Try suspending plant boxes from the ceiling using decorative hooks. Or create a stunning vertical garden by hanging multiple plant boxes at varying heights on a wall.

If you want a cute look near the windows, install plant boxes on windowsills to create indoor window gardens. You can also use window plant boxes for growing herbs, providing both decoration and a functional kitchen resource.

The stairs are a lesser-thought-of place for plant boxes, yet they can work well in some instances. Place plant boxes on the steps of a staircase to add a cascading effect of greenery, and alternate plant box heights for a visually dynamic staircase display.

If you want to divide a room, use tall plant boxes as room dividers or screens in open living spaces. Try combining plants with bamboo or reeds for a natural and breathable room separation.

Floating shelves and other wall mounted techniques

Integrate plant boxes onto floating shelves, creating a combination of greenery and decorative objects. You can also install wall-mounted plant boxes in a grid pattern for a living wall effect and create geometric shapes or patterns with multiple wall-mounted plant boxes. 

Mix with books and art
Arrange plant boxes alongside books and art for a visually appealing display.  For a quirky living room look, c
hoose coffee tables with hollow centers to house plant boxes within the table structure. You can also incorporate plant boxes into the design of TV stands or entertainment units.

Experimenting with these unique ways to place plant boxes throughout your home can bring a touch of nature into unexpected spaces, creating a harmonious and visually interesting environment.