Unveiling the Enigma: The Charm of Olive Green Diamonds

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Written By Charlotte Miller


Olive green diamonds are one of the attractive varieties of colored diamonds that have the mystique and romance that both art professionals and people just interested in this type of gemstone would like. Olive green diamonds, derived from the excessive presence of nickel, are among the peculiar and relatively rare diamond varieties within a rainbow of other colored diamonds ranging from bright blues to clear pinks. Through this article, we endeavor to dissect and reveal the above-mentioned allure of olive green diamonds by explaining their formation, intrinsic qualities, rarity, outstanding specimens, and the edification they lure the world over to gatherers and enthusiasts.

Formation and Characteristics:

Similarly to the famous diamonds that we know, either white or yellow, these small olive green diamonds too are formed under the deep Earth’s mantle at high pressure and temperature. In contrast, the two other planets are influenced mainly by the density of the atmosphere but also by the consciousness of the substance into which they were born, that is by exposure to natural radiation. The special olive green color of these diamonds is nothing less than the outcome of an interaction between atomic levels of carbon and high-energy radiation.

The exact structure forming olive green diamonds remains elusive and fuels our quest for knowledge, increasing their mysterious appearance even more. Others theorize that the hydrogen and nickel content which allows the crystalline structure to take up some colors could be one of the reasons for it. It is unlikely that a similar olive green shade exists in diamonds as a standard characteristic and would probably be found in a limited number of diamonds. In general, the variations of the hue range from subtle to deeper and richer tones of olive oil.

A feature that markedly distinguishes olive green diamonds is their extreme rarity. Coming from very low sources (only a very small percentage) among all diamonds produced worldwide, they are products highly appreciated by collectors and investors in diamonds. More to this is a factor that renowned olive green diamonds have only been found in a few instances and few of these cases have been recorded in history.

Notable Specimens:

The “Dresden Green”, a 40.70-carat olive green diamond, is considered the most famous one of its kind. It was discovered in the 18th century in Dresden, the city which inspired its name. This natural diamond of priceless value is famous for its exceptional green tint and high-end transparency accompanied by great brightness. The Historical Green Diamond of Saxony is among the masterpieces of the Dresden State Art Collection.

A third celebrated exhibit is the 5.03-carat ‘Aurora Green’, which proved to be a sensation after it sold at an auction for $16m in 2016 and achieved the record for the highest price per carat for any Green Diamond ever bought. Whether it was for jewelry or simply for making a statement, it defined this magnificent green diamond as a one-of-a-kind and one of the most exquisite green diamonds in existence.

Among the well-known olive green diamonds is the “Ocean Dream,” a 5.51-carat gem admired for its exceptional and the are blueish-green tone, and the “Green Star of Golconda,” a mesmerizing 41-carat diamond with an equally intriguing tale and historical evidence back to several centuries before.

The Fascination with Olive Green Diamonds:

Why olive green diamonds will have such remarkable and incredible magnitude for generations to come? On the top of the list is probably this very fact – their rarity. The attraction of owning something so impeccably extraordinary, rare, and unique, goes beyond odd artifacts or fossils, it becomes a passion for collectors who are always after the cream of the crop.

Unlike the ethereal bluish or greyish hues of the zircons, the rich earthy tones of olive green diamonds resonate with natural beauty and harmony. While some of their bolder siblings, such as vivacious blues or fiery reds, opt for making a noisy statement, olive green diamonds inspire a calm grace that is not found in the most sophisticated designs.

Moreover, the olive green diamonds also have a touch of mystery in them which creates even more attraction. However, with the development of gemology, there are so many unknown things about the exact mechanisms behind their formation and most of the factors that affect their colors are still mysterious. The air of mystery only helps them increase their elegance and attract those who are infatuated by the unclear. This mysterious sensation.


Olive green diamonds hold a standalone status in the realm of colored gemstones, their features including rarity, uniqueness of appearance, and ambiguous charm. Whether they originate from the depth of the Earth’s mantle, in the museum collections, or the private collectors’ portfolios, the olive green diamonds continue to invite people all the more to just gaze with the eyes, dream and imagine.

As we continue to explore the mysteries of these remarkable gems, one thing remains certain: the magnificence of olive green diamonds will fade not in any time, but in the trends, and this will give the perpetual mark to the meaning of gemology and beyond.