Want To Know About Topline Lawn Care & Landscaping?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

One of the first things you, your family or anyone visiting will notice about your house is the landscaping and the lawn. It builds anticipation and expectation about what awaits. It creates a perception about your house and you as a person. Many times your outdoor space shows your personality, style and creativity. However, it is not just about perception and curb appeal; maintaining your lawn can also increase the value of your property. It is, therefore, important to have an outdoor space that stands out; all this begins with working with an experienced landscaping company like TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA.

History Of Topline Lawn Care & Landscaping In Carrollton, Ga

TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, was founded by Griffin Thomas in October 2015 when he was 15. He discovered his passion for landscaping while working for a local farm in the area. At such a tender age, he realized that the neighborhood needed a landscaping service that integrated the values of the community. He wanted to offer everyone an opportunity to express themselves through unique outdoor spaces. As you can imagine, he did not realize that what he started could grow so rapidly at such a young age. He started with small projects such as mowing the lawn, seasonal clean-ups and other minor landscaping projects. But his company quickly grew in reputation, which inevitably led to a bigger team and gains of experience. 

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Why You Should Contact Topline Lawn Care & Landscaping In Carrollton, Ga

Landscaping may seem like an easy project. However, to avoid injury and to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for, it is important to work with an experienced landscaping company. As a locally owned landscaping company in Carrollton, GA, TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping understands the community and what it needs. As upstanding community members, the TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping team understands the community’s landscaping issues and uses creativity and expertise to conceptualize your landscaping ideas. 

Experience is an important attribute for any landscaping company to have. As we have mentioned, Griffin Thomas started the company at the age of 15. And has excelled in the field, growing the company to what it is today. But experience is not always enough. You need dedication and drive, which often do not come from someone that young. As the world evolves, more people opt to self-learn new skills to cope with the changing economic environment. As someone who has dedicated himself to self-learn, Giffin Thomas embodies these qualities and the American dream.  

Services Offered By Topline Lawn Care & Landscaping In Carrollton, Ga

As the company grew, it incorporated new landscaping services to accommodate its client base. Here are some of their most popular services:

Landscaping: As the service that started it all and catapulted the company to greater heights, landscaping is still one of its driving forces. They can help with design and will work with you to create something that stands out and is functional. TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, Can help with mulching and outdoor drainage systems, which helps better utilize the irrigation water to make your yard more efficient. 

The team is also an expert in planting trees or shrubs, which adds aesthetic appeal and shade where your family and friends can enjoy a relaxing evening or weekend. But no yard is complete without proper lighting and security. As such, the company can help with installing lighting and retaining walls, which help improve security and curb appeal. 

Lawn care: The lawn is perhaps the most important part of the yard. It is also one of the quickest, simplest and most affordable ways to improve the look of your property. TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, offers sod installation. They use locally available turf and shrub species, making it more affordable for you. As local varieties adapt to the environment, the turf quickly grows and takes root much faster than planting grass seeds. Whether you are looking for drought-resistant turf or one that spreads quickly, you can trust TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, to deliver. 

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Outdoor living: Outdoor spaces create a relaxing environment that everyone can appreciate. To do this, TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, can help design and install pavers, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features and many more. The company will work with you to create an outdoor space to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, has proved that you can get an amazing outdoor space from an experienced landscaping company affordably and conveniently. The company can also help with automatic underground irrigation system installation and repair to ensure you properly utilize water most effectively. Looking for landscaping maintenance such as edging, shrub trimming and leaf removal? TopLine Lawn Care & Landscaping in Carrollton, GA, can assist you as well. They are the answer if you are looking for an experienced and dedicated team.