Website Mistakes That Can Harm Your SEO Rankings

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Written By Charlotte Miller

By optimizing your website properly, you can achieve the highest heights and rank #1 for your focus keyword. By making certain mistakes, you can devalue all that progress and experience a dramatic traffic drop.

Gladly, we know what those mistakes are and how to fix them. Everything matters, from backlink quality to meta descriptions you write or compile automatically for every page. Here, we’ll discuss those mistakes concerning general websites, online stores, blogs, etc.

Get ready for some important info and recommendations!

#1: No Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions or snippers will help users clearly get what’s on the page and search engines recognize your focus keywords and value faster.

You can use the tools we talked about before to adjust your metadata and make it more SEO-friendly and understandable for the users. For example, All in One SEO has a smart generator of meta tags.

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#2: No Proper Backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks in guest articles is a must-do for any website owner! Whether it’s a business site, a personal brand, a store, or a news source, for proper promotion, traffic boost, brand awareness, and SEO improvement, you need inbound links.

They are the basis of the off-page optimization of your website. Besides, there are many ways you can get the links, including:

  • Guest posting;
  • Looking for broken links you can replace with yours;
  • Collaborating with other sites, etc.

#3: Having Improper Page Titles and Categories (or none at all)

It’s a similar story with titles as with product descriptions. They should cater to both potential buyers and search engine crawlers. Include a focus keyword there in a natural way and provide sufficient information so it’s easy to understand what’s on the page.

Also, use categories! This increases the chances for a high ranking. For example, if you own a flower delivery service, you may rank for ‘Bridal bouquets’ and/or ‘Cotton bridal bouquet’ (category name and product name).

If you have a blog and not a store, proper titles are a must-do as well. talks about blogging a lot and has a treasure chest of useful tips for you.

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#4: Forgetting to Use Breadcrumb Links

To continue the navigation tip, use breadcrumbs. These are sequences of links that take the visitor to the main page or where they started. This is super convenient as users can come back to any stage of their journey through your store. 

Besides, this approach will help Google determine whether your site is well-structured.

#5: Not Including Detailed Product Descriptions with Keywords

When describing a product, don’t make it just a list of characteristics and a number. Consider it a snack for potential buyers. Make it tasty, add some keywords so that search engines can notice them as well.

They will regard the description as well as any content on the site. And if it’s a bunch of words without sense, this isn’t going to be beneficial for your rating. So, have a focus keyword there along with a well-structured short piece of content.

#6: Not Using Digital Tools

Using tools can give you valuable insight into how your website is doing in search rankings and how users interact with it. However, you still need optimization knowledge to make the site effective.

In this section, we’re going to give you the best professional SEO tips that will make your website much more popular among potential customers.

By avoiding these mistakes, which isn’t that difficult, you’re going to improve your website’s optimization and rank much higher in SERPs in quite a short time. Always research the newest trends, use small things like metadata and digital tools for analysis. The former will make it easier for other people to find your business. The latter will make it a breeze to find out what’s wrong with your campaign and where you need improvement.