What Are Different Ways To Use Stickers For Business Promotions?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Stickers are not just for kids or they are not just fun things. When it comes to business promotion, there are plenty of ways to use stickers. And, here we are going to find out the top ways of using stickers for business promotion.  

Ranging from custom logo stickers to large format decals, there are plenty of options in the market that are good for business promotions. Let’s find out the top ideas for using stickers for business purposes:

1. Use As Giveaways

People love giveaways, especially when they are unique and attractive. Alluring custom logo stickers can be used for the promotion of business. You can use them as giveaways during promotional events, trade shows, or at your store.

Make sure that your stickers are eye-catching and that your brand logo is easily visible on them. There are different styles of stickers that you can use as giveaways like custom kiss cut stickers, vinyl stickers, etc.

When people will love your sticker, then they will love to stick them on their favorite items such as laptops, notebooks, bottles, and many more. Ultimately, these small stickers will become walking billboards.

2. Customized Window Decals

You can stick your brand stickers on window decals and use them to promote your brand. Whether you are running a store or you have a corporate office, the window decals can help spread the word about your brand on a low budget.

Window decals are attractive and they can help to convey your brand information to the passersby. It is imperative to wisely choose the location for placing the custom stickers on the window. Make sure that window decals are visible to passersby even after working hours.  

Now, the next important factor that you need to consider is the important things to print on these stickers. The most important thing to display is your brand name and brand logo.

Other vital details that you can show are social media-related information, store hours, specialty, and so on. You can hire professionals who can help in creating custom stickers for promoting your business.

3. Make Walls Speaks With Wall Decals

Blank walls are like blank canvas and you can use them for brand promotion. But how? Wall Decals!

Don’t lose the opportunity to use your walls as your brand advocates. It is a unique and budget-friendly way to spread the word about your business.  So, what are you waiting for? Make your walls talk and promote your brand.

First of all, create a design for your wall decals, then hire professionals to create custom vinyl stickers for your walls. If you want to design plenty of wall stickers, then choose a theme or pattern and follow the same. Do you know what is the best thing about custom wall decals? The wall decals do not cause any kind of damage to your walls and they easily come out.

4. Floor Decals

The floor is a vastly under-utilized space. Because of how uncommon floor decals are, when one is used it stands out even more. Floor decals can be used to advertise sales, where customers should line up to order, direct them to certain parts of your store, and more.

Looking for something that can be used outdoors or on rough surfaces like a sidewalk? Check out our street decals – a great way to attract the attention of people walking by your storefront.

5. Promotion On Packaging

Just like the storefront and walls of your office, you should also consider looking for ways to use your product packaging for the promotion of your brand.  

It is an undeniable fact that the packaging of the product leaves a significant impact on customers. Therefore, you should ensure that the packaging is attractive and your brand name along with the brand logo is visible on it.

The best way to do it is by using custom-printed stickers. By using customized stickers on packaging, you can easily spread the word about your brand and make a good impression on customers.

To get a huge discount on your customized stickers, you need to place a bulk order. Also, clearly specify your design needs and the requirements of the custom sticker manufacturer.

6. Spread Words With Employee Uniforms

The Iron-On transfers are good for businesses where employees have uniforms. With the help of iron-on transfers and customized patches, you can make your employee uniforms brand promotion items.

By printing your company’s logo and slogan, you will not just get the opportunity to advertise your brand but also help strengthen integrity among employees. In addition to uniforms, custom iron-on can also help to create custom t-shirts for giveaway purposes. People love to have free custom-printed t-shirts.


Custom-printed sticker provides an opportunity for business owners to do brand promotion in a unique and budget-friendly way. There are different types of stickers and different ways to use them. Some of the ideas are mentioned above. You can use them all and brainstorm other ideas to promote your business with customized stickers.