What Are Marine Collagen Peptides Good For?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

You might be hearing the recent buzz regarding collagen. You might have done a little research and searched about collagen on Google. 

Eventually, you may have found out that in high school, collagen is a part of our biology. You also get to know about collagen supplements and collagen creams for younger-looking skin. If you have searched a little deeper, you might have come across a lot of newer terms. 

Have you found marine collagen? 

As you are reading this article, we can assume that you have heard or seen this term somewhere. 

Yes, here, we will offer you the basic knowledge about marine collagen along with what it is good for. Before heading to the benefits, let’s start with what marine collagen is. 

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What Is Marine Collagen? 

You might know what collagen is, but still, here we are, starting with the basic information about collagen because it will help you to grasp the information about marine collagen more easily. 

Well, collagen is a natural protein that is found in our bodies. Our body naturally produces collagen, and you can find it in:

  • Blood vessels. 
  • Bones.
  • Tendons.
  • Muscles.
  • Organs.
  • Ligaments. 
  • Tissue.
  • Intestines. 
  • Skin. 

As you age, your body starts to produce less collagen, and this begins when you are in your mid-20s. In addition to that, having a poor diet will lower the collagen levels too. When your body is not producing an adequate amount of collagen, it can result in the following.

  • Gut issues. 
  • Joint pain. 
  • Tight tendons and ligaments. 
  • Weak muscles.
  • Wrinkles. 

This was all about collagen. Now we will head towards the main topic, and that is marine collagen. 

Marine or fish collagen is a particular type of collagen that comes from the skin of fish. Marine collagen can help you level up the level of collagen in your body. You might already have started using collagen cosmetics or supplements which contain collagen in them. 

In most cases, they come from the cow or pigskin. For a number of benefits, a lot of individuals are opting for fish or marine collagen. Here we will talk about the benefits of marine collagen. 

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Benefit Of Marine Collagen

Here are some of the major benefits of marine collagen, for which its usage of it is increasing day by day. 

Healthier Skin

With aging, the type 1 collagen that is present in our skin weakens, and it leads to visible signs of aging, such as wrinkly and saggy skin. As per preclinical studies, consuming marine collagen repairs skin collagen along with elastane protein fibers. 

It also produces a major thickening of the skin’s outer surface or epidermis. With marine collagen supplementation, human studies have already reported reduced wrinkles and improved skin firmness and hydration. 

Offers Antioxidant Protection

Marine collagen contains a number of different amino acids, such as proline, glycine, hydroxyproline, and lysine. By protecting against free radicals, which is the reason behind cell damage, glycine and proline play a crucial role. 

On the other hand, glycine makes hydroxyproline, which might help in regulating the oxidative state of a cell. Studies have shown that marine collagen actually protects against oxidative skin damage caused by UV rays. 

Promotes Bone Healing

In cell culture, marine collagen increases collagen synthesis along with helping in incorporating minerals into the bone matrix. Apart from that, marine collagen supplements can significantly increase the mineral density and size of femur bones. 

When it comes to bone strength, it does not only depend on the quantity of bone tissue but also on the overall quality that is altered by its shape, mineral content, geometry, and composition of it. Here, marine collagen improves the collagen quantity. 

Improves Protein Intake

The intake of optimal dietary protein beneficially impacts lean body mass, weight management, immune function, and muscle repair. 

In order to maximize athletic performance, and that too by assisting in developing muscle and improving workout performance and recovery, marine collagen is necessary. 

You might be surprised to know that marine collagen is a pure form of protein without any carbohydrate or fat that dilutes its impact. It also contains more protein-building blocks and proline than any other type of amino acid. 

For whole-body protein synthesis, proline is needed. This way, marine collagen content increases lean body mass. 

Final Talks

Marine collagen is produced from the skin of fish, and it is excellent for making bones stronger and skin healthier. It also fights against free radicals. It improves the overall protein intake.  If you are looking for a professional marine collagen supplement aim for an ethically sourced MSC-certified brand with sustainably sourced collagen.