What are some easy ways to recharge DTH?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Many people have benefited from the arrival of DTH. It has transformed the entertainment world by allowing consumers to watch various channels, TV series and movies with improved signals and coverage. Since there is an increasing demand for DTH, many top providers are beginning to offer DTH packages and services at affordable costs while offering great benefits. However, recharging your DTH Plan is essential for the continuity of services. There are several methods through which you can process an Airtel DTH recharge and others.

Along with the offline method, where you go to a recharge center or service provider’s office, pay for and recharge your DTH, you may now recharge your DTH online thanks to technology’s incredible advancements. There are several methods to recharge your DTH. Below are a few.

Traditional offline method

This is probably the least used payment method nowadays. With the arrival of online payment apps like MobiKwik, many people have shifted their preference to online payment options. The offline method requires you to travel to the payment center with the invoice or the amount you want to recharge your DTH connection with. This method is time consuming. Another drawback is that you won’t be able to recharge after the center closes or if it is a holiday. So, the online method is indeed a much easier and more convenient way to make a DTH recharge. Below are a few of the online DTH recharge methods. 

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Mobile Banking

  • Mobile banking is a service given by a bank or other financial institution that lets its customers make financial transactions virtually using mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet. 
  • Unlike linked internet banking, it uses software, referred to as an app, given by a financial institution. 
  • Mobile banking is typically accessible around-the-clock. 
  • Some financial organizations have limitations on which accounts can be accessed using mobile banking and set a monetary threshold for the value of transactions.
  • Internet or data connectivity for mobile devices is necessary for mobile banking.

UPI Payment Method

  • Unified Payments Interface, also known as UPI, is one of India’s most popular ways to conduct digital transactions and is growing in popularity. 
  • Numerous apps, including MobiKwik, offer users this feature, and in addition, many banks have partnered with UPI so that users can access this system through bank apps. 
  • Several chatting platforms, as well as mobile wallets, support UPI.

Mobile Wallets

  • A mobile wallet is a digital wallet that saves payment card data on a smartphone. 
  • Mobile wallets are a convenient method for users to make payments like a DTH recharge and other financial transactions.
  • Credit cards, bank account details, and driver’s licenses can be safely stored in secure mobile wallets.
  • Many cell phones include in-built mobile wallets.
  • They use multiple encryptions and security layers to guarantee the security of all transactions.

Pay later method

  • In recent years, the Pay Later method has grown in popularity. It lessens the financial pressure on buyers. 
  • According to projections, customer demand will drive the Indian e-commerce industry to $99 billion by 2024. Experts predict that the Pay Later method will become India’s fastest-growing online payment method, expanding from 3% in 2020 to 9% in 2024. 
  • As the name implies, the Pay Later method lets its consumers make purchases or bill payments like an Airtel DTH recharge right at the moment and pay for them later. The payback can be done in a single payment or through EMI with little to no interest fees. 

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Card payments

Card payments include a variety of benefits and characteristics. The fact that other online payment options can be used with debit/credit banking cards is a huge advantage. You can make cashless online payments, including a DTH recharge, by putting your card details in your mobile wallets or online payment apps. 


There are various easy and convenient options to make your DTH recharges. All you need is a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop, and the process is completed. You don’t have to worry about any safety issues as they are extremely safe and secure. Moreover, trusted payment service-providing apps sweeten the already sweet deal with cashback and other offers along with a safe, secure, fast and simple payment procedure.