What are Some Popular Plant Arrangements for Homes?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Incorporating a plant in your home can make a substantial impact, even if you do not have a lot of space. This is because indoor plants not only add beauty to a home, but they also provide functional benefits like purifying the air, promoting a positive mood, and connecting you with nature without you needing to go outside. Therefore, whether you live in a big or small space, you should not allow that to stop you from adding greenery to your home. There are many diverse types of indoor plants, such as plants that need direct sunlight and those that do not require a lot of sunlight and are great for homes with few windows. If you want to explore the different varieties of indoor flowering and non-flowering plants, you can visit an online floral shop, such as FTD.com, and browse through their options. In addition, you can order the plant and use their flower delivery services to get the plant to your doorstep. Some popular plant arrangements for homes include.

Money tree

This is a stunning tree with a braided trunk, and it can grow up to eight feet. The money tree is a great office gift idea because it symbolizes prosperity and good luck. The money tree needs to be exposed to indirect sunlight for about six hours every day and it should only be watered when the soil is dry. An easy plant to take care of and looks great in any room it’s in. A great gift for someone who loves plants and wants to see them prosper.

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Spider Plant

Spider plants can improve the appearance of your home. In addition, the spider plant produces little shoots which can be re-potted and placed elsewhere. So, it’s like an endless supply of plants that could be gifted to other friends. Which is perfect for those who enjoy taking care of them. To keep the spider plant, you should place it in well-lit spots and water it once every week. That way it can continue to grow and be a great decoration for your loved ones.

Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant and is native to Central America and Mexico. The Monstera has leaves with holes, which make it look exotic. Having one of these around will make for a great decoration and conversation starter. This plant needs indirect light and moderate watering. However, you should be aware that this plant is toxic to dogs and cats and is suitable for homes without these pets. So, make sure to give these only to specific loved ones.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance flowering plant, then you should consider buying orchids. Orchids have a regal look to them that will make anyone feel fancy. You will only need to water them once a week and place them under bright and indirect sunlight. Orchids are not only suitable for homes but also offices. Having one of these around in either your home or office will have people talking. It’s a gorgeous plant that everyone can enjoy.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is a low-maintenance plant and is tough to kill. This is because the snake plant can go for one whole month without water. The leaves of the snake plant are usually sharp, stiff, and spikey. Fun if you are into plants that have a more unique look. These plants have a sort of flair that everyone can enjoy. However, you should know the plant is toxic to pets like dogs and cats.


You can always find an indoor house plant that is suitable for you, regardless of your skill level, taste, and the amount of space you can spare in your home. In addition, if you want limited maintenance plants, you can find a wide variety of plants that do not need to be watered daily or under direct sunlight. Therefore, you can always find a plant that is right for you. Plants are a fantastic way to elevate any space within your home. They add a breath of fresh air and make you feel like you are one with nature.