What is a device as a service business model?

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Written By Berry Mathew

The device as a service (DaaS) model provides PCs, smartphones and other mobile computing devices as a paid service. Device as a service alleviates a company’s IT needs by outsourcing hardware, software and device management to a third-party provider. With a subscription to a provider, an organization can update its devices at the end of the lease period without incurring the costs normally associated with a device refurbishment.

Companies using DaaS can quickly scale up or down their equipment to quickly meet changing needs. And organizations have more immediate access to the latest technology without having to make a significant investment.

In recent years, therefore, more and more companies and organizations have been choosing Device as a Service as a means of providing end users’ workstations with the right hardware. It makes sense, because Device as a Service offers a number of attractive advantages:

  1. You save costs.

First, because you only pay for the devices you use. But also because additional costs for installation, maintenance (like m-files), etc. are all included in the fixed monthly price. So you save costs in terms of purchase, implementation, management and administration.

  1. You keep capital free

Switching to Device as a Service means shifting your capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operating cost model (OPEX). High upfront investments are no longer necessary, freeing up your capital for other investments.

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  1. You have the latest hardware

It often happens that at some point the hardware in place no longer meets requirements. Replacement is expensive and with the disposal of the old hardware its value also drops. With DaaS, you provide your end users with the most appropriate hardware for their specific tasks. Moreover, you can easily upgrade, whenever you want.

  1. Your organization is flexible

Is the number of employees growing or are some colleagues suddenly leaving? Then you can easily scale up and down with Device as a Service. This way, you always have the right hardware for each workstation and you only pay for the equipment you need.

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  1. Your costs become transparent and predictable

Because you pay per device, you have more insight into your IT costs. No more separate purchase costs, installation procedures and maintenance contracts, but everything in one fixed monthly price per device. This makes expenses predictable for the future, a huge advantage for determining your long-term strategy.

  1. Your IT department can really get back to doing IT.

In many companies, the IT department is quite busy setting up workstations and managing hardware. Valuable time that your IT staff would rather spend on more important tasks, where their expertise is put to better use. Pleasant for your organization, but also for your IT staff.