What Is A Highlighted Comment On Youtube?

What is a highlighted comment on youtube? When you open comments of a specific video sometimes you can see a comment that has “highlighted comment” written on top of it. It is always wondered what is this why does this comment appear as highlights. There can be many reasons behind a highlighted comment. In the article below let us know what is a highlighted comment on youtube?

What Is A Highlighted Comment On Youtube?

A highlighted comment on youtube can be for any of the following reasons.

  • It can appear when someone replies to your comment and you may get a notification and when you see the comments on the video you can see highlighted comment
  • It can appear when you have posted a video and someone has posted a comment for that video you get a notification. When you see this video and comments on it you can see highlighted comment here
  • It can appear when you click on the comment’s timestamp. Does not matter whether the video is yours or not when you click on timestamp you can see a comment that is tagged as a highlighted comment. And the comment will also appear at the top of all other comments.

A highlighted comment is an automated feature and no one has anything to do with that. It is made to make your experience even better on Facebook. The highlighted comments are nor good neither bad it does not affect anything as it is not a person who chooses the highlighted comment. No matter you are a user or a creator highlighted comment tag appears for everyone in the comments section. It can be useful to interact with the person especially when you have hundreds and thousands of comments on a video

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How Do You Know Who Liked Your Comment On Youtube?

To see who liked your comment you have no options on youtube nor do have an option to see who has disliked your comment. This due to the privacy on youtube.

When You Get A Highlighted Comment On Youtube Does That Mean That The Creator Who Made The Video Noticed You?

No, there is no option for anyone to make a comment highlighted no matter it is a creator or a user.

What Is The Meaning Of Highlighted?

Highlighted means important, memorable, necessary, etc.

How Do I Remove Highlighted Comments On Youtube?

To remove highlighted comments on youtube you need to delete the part starting with &Ic from the URL of the video.

How Do I Unhighlight A Youtube Comment?

As discussed in the previous section, YouTube creates a special URL for you every time you highlight a comment. So, to undo the highlight, you’ll only need to restore the URL back to its original state. To remove the comment you highlighted, simply delete the part starting with “&lc.”

Why Can’t I See Comments On YouTube 2021?

Most of the time, you can simply reload the webpage. Also, make sure you have a working internet connection. Other ways to restore your YouTube comments are to disable browser extensions and clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

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Youtube is a very interesting platform and you can get videos related to almost anything. Youtube is been always making it easier for its users to use youtube. One of the default features is the highlighted comment. As described above there can be many different reasons for a comment to appear as a highlighted comment. It is an automated feature and no one can highlight a comment no matter it is a creator or a normal user. This was all about what is a highlighted comment on youtube? For you to understand the query