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What Is Anti Virus Software? A Complete Guide

What Is Anti Virus Software? A Complete Guide

by Aishwarya

Did you know that every day there are over 1 million new viruses? Fortunately, professional anti virus software can stop many of these viruses from infecting your computer. But, have you ever wondered what is anti virus software and does it work?

If you have asked yourself that question, today’s your lucky day since we will help you find the answer. Additionally, we’ll take a look at the different types of anti virus software that exist today.

Anti Virus Software Explained

Anti virus software is a program or sometimes several programs that protect your PC (or phone) from dangerous viruses. These malicious viruses can wreak havoc on your PC and may even pose a threat to your livelihood. But, an anti virus program will catch and erase these viruses before it’s too late.

An anti virus software company will ensure that their program is always up to date with the latest protection protocols. Of course, as mentioned in the introduction, there are new viruses every day, so you can expect some of them to slip through the cracks of the anti virus software. But, even if your PC becomes infected with a malicious virus, these companies can help you remove it.

As a review, let’s outline the key functions of an anti virus program:

  • Detecting certain suspicious files or programs
  • Daily scans
  • Ability to scan one file or your entire PC
  • Permanently delete dangerous viruses

Now that you understand what anti virus software is, let’s take a moment to break down the different types of anti virus software.

Malware Anti Virus Software

One of the most hazardous types of viruses is malware, since these viruses can steal login details, control your PC, and monitor your activity. Fortunately, an anti-malware program will detect these dangerous viruses and delete them before any harm is done to your PC. One of the best anti virus software tips you can follow is installing anti-malware software parallel to your normal anti virus software.

Security Software Suites 

If you want to safeguard your PC, then this is the anti virus software you’ll want to have on your PC. Security suites provide your PC with protection for all the different types of viruses out there, from spyware to trojan viruses. But, of course, these programs are quite expensive and can cost several hundred dollars.

Multi-Tasking Anti Virus Software

Nowadays, people want to have everything they need in one convenient location. So, for example, not only do they want an anti virus program, but they also want a program that clears up space from duplicate files. Fortunately, a multi-tasking anti virus program can provide all that and more.

And if you’re not sure what are duplicate files, be sure to look it up as it can cause your PC to run slower and provides viruses plenty of files to hide in.

What Is Anti Virus Software – Answered

Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question: what is anti virus software? So, be sure to follow this anti virus software guide and get yourself the best protection out there, since you wouldn’t want your PC to be at risk of getting infected.

What anti virus software do you recommend? Let us know in the comment section. And be sure to check out our other tech-related topics!

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