What Is Boku? Where And How To Use It?

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You must be confused about what is Boku after hearing it for the first time. And if you have come to search about Boku in between of your transactions, then you have connected with me at the right time. Let me tell you every detail about Boku today. After reading this article you will not be left with any doubt in your mind related to Boku. You will find out here that where and how Boku can be used? Let us start our discussion with the first point and know what is Boku.

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What Is Boku?

Boku is a digital payment company that provides service to its customers on their phones. By using Boku the payments can be done easily along with maintaining security while paying. The Boku has made the payment method more simple and a good option instead of paying traditionally. 

The payments can be done securely through a digital medium where people are also showing their interest.

With Boku pay by mobile, you can link your bank account and start paying to the other persons for making purchases of goods and services.

It is a carrier billing platform that helps you to pay with your mobile number with flexibility.

You also like to know about an interesting fact about what is Boku in Japanese. But you will need to know that Boku is a french word which is having a Japanese accent. Where Boku means bucks that are lots of money. However, in Japanese tradition Boku is referred to as someone who has become close now and is not new anymore.

After reading this interesting fact you might also be eager to know about the paying method using Boku. You must be thinking about who accepts Bokupayments or how it can be done, where to use it, right? Let us see about it further. 

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How To Use Boku?

There are some easy steps that you will need to follow for using Boku. So we will discuss them in the following.

Before purchasing any goods make sure that the seller accepts the Boku transactions. This step will help you a lot and can save time. It should not happen that you select goods and at the time of payment the seller does not accept the Boku.

  1. You will need to do Boku sign up and get registered.
  2. You will need to make purchase whatever you need.
  3. Go to the transaction tab or payment option.
  4. Select Boku as your payment method.
  5. Enter the required amount that needs to be paid.
  6. You will get a confirmation message on your mobile number that is registered with Boku.
  7. Confirm as Yes.
  8. Your money will be debited from the bank account and you will get a message for completing your payment.

You can make use of the Boku app for paying for any goods that are purchased online.

Where Can I Use Boku Mobile Billing?

The Boku can be used for doing payments on many different platforms that accept the transactions from it. You can make use of Boku at the time of online shopping, purchasing goods digitally, adding money to different platforms for playing games, etc. This has improved the process of transaction of money between customers without any Boku fees.

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What Is Boku Payment?

Boku payment is the option available for paying money by using your mobile. It is a fast, simple, and secure method for making payments for goods or services that you have purchased. With this, you can pay the other person through digital payment. In this process, your mobile number is an important component that helps you with completing your transaction.

What Can I Use Boku For?

You can use Boku for paying for the shopping that you are doing online and the shops which accept the Boku payments. For example, you can pay for a product with Boku that you have purchased from an online store.

How Do I Stop Boku Payments?

You can stop Boku payments simply by blocking your mobile number that is registered with Boku. 

  1. You will need to connect with the Boku custom care section on its website. 
  2. Enter your details and log in.
  3. Select Block my Number.
  4. This will deregister your number from Boku and stop the Boku payments. 

How Do You Use Boku Pay By Mobile?

To use Boku pay mobile you will need to do the following steps.

  1. Go to the Boku website.
  2. Now make an account in Boku.
  3. For this, you will require a mobile.
  4. The mobile number must be linked with your bank account.
  5. Enter your mobile number for getting a confirmation message.
  6. Your mobile number will be registered if you confirm it.
  7. Now you can use Boku pay by mobile.
  8. You will receive payment confirmation options on your mobile.

Who Are Some Of The Companies Supporting Boku?

Founded in 2009, Boku has become the world’s leading independent direct carrier billing network, with corporate customers including Apple, Google, Facebook, Spotify and Microsoft. It now has more than eight million monthly active users and handles over $1 billion in payment volume in a single year.

How Does The Boku Payment Service Work?

Boku is an easy-to-use carrier-billing payment method. To pay, customers simply choose Boku at the checkout. The site prompts them to enter their mobile number. To authorise the payment, Boku sends the customer an SMS message, to which the customer replies with the letter ‘y’, for ‘yes’.

How Do I Block Boku?

In the portal and next to the green ‘active’ icon, click on the message ‘Block my number’. A pop up will open, requesting you to provide the reason for blocking. Choose the option most applicable to you and click submit.

How Do I Unblock My Number On Boku?

Can I unblock my number in the Boku Customer Care Portal? You cannot unblock your phone number in the Customer Care Portal. To unblock you will need to provide a copy of your billing statement to our Support Team to verify that you’re the account holder, before we review your unblocking request.

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While searching about what is Boku you found a nice piece of information. All of the doubts that you must be having before reading are clarified now. I explained to you every detail about the Boku pay. This information will help you at any time when you will have a query with Boku payment. You understood some important points about what is Boku that you were not knowing earlier.

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