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What Is Gold Vermeil?

What Is Gold Vermeil?

by Aishwarya

What is Gold Vermeil? When shopping for the jewelry you must have come across jewelry labeled as Gold Vermeil or 14k vermeil, 18k Vermeil, etc. You must be wondering what does all this jewelry has vermeil on it. Below we have mentioned everything about what is vermeil gold jewelry? Keep reading to know everything

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil is pronounced as Vehr-may which is a French word. It is a term that is used to refer to a certain type of quality of jewelry. It is legally called Vermeil in the US and it has to pass all ALL conditions.

Gold Vermeil ALL Conditions

Gold Vermeil ALL Conditions

  • It must-have sterling silver base where the sterling silver alloy must be 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% should be other materials. The materials used should the high quality like Versus, Brass or copper
  • The jewelry should be plated with the gold of at least 10K that is 41.7% of gold content
  • The gold plating should be a minimum of 2.5 microns thick.

What Is 14k Gold Vermeil?

What Is 14k Gold Vermeil?

14k Gold Vermeil means the karatage of the gold content on the Gold Vermeil jewelry. Below are the details of different Gold Vermeil karatage and gold karatage in it

  • 24k Gold Vermeil means 99.9% of gold content
  • 18k Gold Vermeil means 75% of gold content
  • 14k Gold Vermeil means 58% of gold content
  • 10k Gold Vermeil means 41.7% of gold content

Difference Between Gold Vermeil And Gold Plated

Difference Between Gold Vermeil And Gold Plated

The difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plated is gold plating on the jewelry.

Gold Plated

  • Gold Plated Jewelry has gold plating on it of 0.5 microns
  • It does not require any sterling silver to be used as base material
  • The gold may wear out quickly

Gold Vermeil

  • Gold vermeil Jewelry has gold plating on it of 2.5 microns
  • It must-have sterling silver used as base material
  • The gold does not wear out quickly

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Will gold vermeil wear off?

Gold Vermeil jewelry is similar to the gold plated jewelry but the main difference between them is that Vermeil has a thicker gold plated on it which reduces the chances of gold to wear off

Which is better gold plated or Vermeil?

Vermeil Gold is more Hypoallergenic and it also has a thick layer of gold on it than the normal gold plated jewelry. This is the reason stores are having more variety of Vermeil jewelry

Can you shower with gold vermeil?

You must avoid water and sweat on Gold Vermeil. You should take care of the jewelry and must clean it with a clean dry cloth and store it properly

How long does gold vermeil jewelry last?

A gold Vermeil Jewelry lasts for a longer time than normal gold plated jewelry. Good quality materials and processed Vermeil may last for even longer say for years. If you are wearing the jewelry regularly than it may start to wear off after 6 months

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As described Gold Vermeil Jewellery is gold plated jewelry but with a silver base of 92.5 percent and the rest, 7.5 percent of a mixed material of good quality plus has a 2.5 microns thick layer. It is said to be more durable than normal gold plated because of this. Gold Vermeil can last for years if you take good care of the jewelry and keep it safe in a pouch. We have described everything about what is gold vermeil above to help you understand it better.

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