What Is Issmp?

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What Is Issmp?

ISSMP, which stands for “Information Systems Security Management Professional,” is a certification offered by (ISC)², a nonprofit organization that provides education and certification in the field of information security. The ISSMP certification is designed for professionals who have advanced knowledge and experience in information systems security management.

To be eligible for the ISSMP certification, candidates must have at least five years of experience in information systems security management, including experience in three of the six ISSMP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) domains. These domains include:

  1. Security Leadership and Management
  2. Information Security Governance
  3. Information Risk Management
  4. Information Security Program Development and Management
  5. Information Security Incident Management
  6. Information Security Strategic Planning

Candidates for the ISSMP certification must also pass a written examination that tests their knowledge and understanding of the ISSMP CBK domains. The ISSMP certification is considered a high-level, advanced certification in the field of information security and is often sought by professionals looking to advance their careers or increase their expertise in this area.
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What Does Issmp Stand For?

Information Security System Management Professional [updated 2021] | Infosec Resources.

What Is Issap Issep Issmp?

There are three CISSP concentrations: Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP)

Are Cissp Concentrations Worth It?

Earning a CISSP Concentration is an excellent way to advance your cybersecurity career and skill set. The CISSP-ISSAP, CISSP-ISSEP and CISSP-ISSMP all build on the CISSP, adding depth and mastery to the focus areas covered. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio, these elite credentials are worth exploring.

What Is Issp In Cybersecurity?

The Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP) has been developed to protect the Trust and its employees from hazards and threats, to ensure business continuity and to minimise any business damage by preventing and reducing the impact of information systems security incidents.

What Are The 8 Cissp Domains?

  • Security And Risk Management.
  • Asset Security.
  • Security Architecture And Engineering.
  • Communications And Network Security.
  • Identity and Access Management.
  • Security Assessment and Testing.
  • Security Operations.
  • Software Development Security.

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Can I Pass The CISSP In 3 Months?

If you wish to complete your CISSP exam in 3 months, you can go for the Longer Method (3 months or more, 2 hours per day, with a focus on weekends). Just be careful not to skip anything when studying because you might be leaving out the information you’ll need to know later.

Is Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP Worth IT?

Is CISSP a good certification? Yes, the CISSP credential is one of the most respected certifications in the cybersecurity field. Its rigor and high standards are well-known in the industry, and many organizations place a high value on recruiting CISSPs.


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