What Is Meant By Catering Services?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Catering service includes serving food and drinks to customers at special events. That events include weddings, business gatherings, parties, and other celebrations. The catering sector is rapidly expanding. The market size of catering services in the UK is expanded to $ 1.4 bn. In this blog, you will gain knowledge about catering services, their types and many more. So read on!

What is Catering Service?

Serving and managing food and beverages on occasion is known as catering services. A catering business may focus on a specific meal or event type. Providing a range of alternatives to accommodate different clientele. On-site or off-site catering services are available. And they can involve meal preparation, delivery, setup, and cleaning.

What are the Three Types of Catering?

Best Caterers in London offer three types of catering services. The three primary categories include full-service, buffet, and drop-off catering.

Full-service catering: 

A full-service caterer offers a whole range of catering services. They do everything from meal preparation setup, serving, and cleaning. People hire them on large occasions, such as weddings or business gatherings. When a crew of servers is required to supervise the food service, it is ideally suited for this catering form.

Buffet catering:

It is a self-serve alternative. Buffet catering allows customers to pick from various items displayed on a table. This catering style is perfect for gatherings with many attendees or when there isn’t much room available. Buffet catering offers a greater variety of meal selections as compared to full-service catering and is frequently less priced.

Drop-off catering: 

This complicated alternative entails the delivery of already-cooked meals to the venue. Normally, the caterer will deliver the meal and set it up but only offer services like serving or cleanup. This kind of catering is perfect for smaller gatherings. Or when a more relaxed dining experience is preferred.

Why is Corporate Catering Popular in London?

Corporate catering is popular in London for several reasons:

  • London is a busy city, and many professionals don’t have the time to leave their workplaces to grab a meal. Corporate catering provides an easy and convenient way for employees. To have their meals delivered to their office, saving them time and hassle.
  • Corporate catering companies in London offer a high level of professionalism and quality. They understand the importance of presentation and timely delivery. Which is especially important for corporate events and meetings.
  • London is a diverse city with a wide range of culinary options. Corporate catering companies offer a variety of menus, including international cuisine. 
  • Many corporate catering companies offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Making it an affordable option for businesses.
  • Corporate companies in London also focus on providing a healthy and nutritious meals. That is important for employee’s health and well-being.

Catering for breakfast

A particular kind of catering specialising in breakfast cuisine is called breakfast catering. This kind of catering is perfect in the morning. Hire a breakfast caterer for events like business meetings, conferences, and corporate breakfasts. The standard breakfast menu caterers serve different items. That may be bagels, yoghurt, fruit, and hot breakfast items like eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

One benefit of opening a breakfast catering company is that it may be run from home. Due to this reason, the overhead expenses get down. Moreover, breakfast caterers can serve various customers, including businesses and institutions like schools and hospitals.


Offering catering services is an excellent business opportunity. Those who are enthusiastic about food and hospitality. You can find a range of possibilities in the catering sector, which is a booming field. There are three primary forms of catering. as mentioned in this blog: full-service, buffet, and drop-off, so choose as per your needs. Breakfast catering is a particular subtopic offering a special and lucrative business opportunity.