What Is the Difference Between a Patio Door and a Garden Door?

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

When it comes to finding the proper back doors for your home, the two most popular options are sliding patio and garden doors.

Both models provide access from the house to the terrace or veranda, to the patio or garden. Although these models are used for almost the same tasks, each of them has its unique features that may matter when choosing the doors for your project.

How Are Garden Doors and Patio Doors Different?

The main difference is in the hinges:

  • Sliding patio doors are also often called sliding doors, they are installed on nylon tandem rollers that move sections to the left or to the right.
  • Garden doors are hinged constructions with sashes opening in different directions. 

Garden Doors vs Patio Doors: What’s Best for Your Home?

To find the best option, answer the following questions:

  • What is the style of the apartment?

Garden doors are perfect for traditional-style homes. Here you have a great selection of different designs and finishes.

Sliding doors are suitable for houses in a modern style.

  • How much free space do you have?

Sliding structures are often installed where it is not possible to use the hinged ones. For example, in places where they will touch trees and shrubs, as well as disturb the movement of passers-by.

However, the drawback of sliding models is that you can not use the distance to which the sashes move. Therefore, furniture or decor cannot be placed close to them.

  • How important is natural light to you?

If you want to let more light into the house, look at the patio door structures. They consist of glass sections, giving you an unobstructed view of the backyard.

  • How important is the width of the door opening for you?

If you plan to often move furniture and other items inside or outside the dwelling, choose a swing door system. 

  • Do you have any pets?

In some garden door configurations, a separate small door can be installed to allow animals to enter and exit the site without hindrance.

In the patio doors you will have to control this moment and move the sashes yourself.

  • Are there children or people with disabilities in the house?

Tandem rollers increase the risk of tripping. To avoid it, install garden door systems with a threshold.

However, it depends on the configuration. Some sliding products on rollers will be convenient even for small children.

  • How important is the security issue for you?

In this regard, the patio doors win: they initially have more locking points. However, if you like garden doors, you can add additional locking points to their design and install strong locks.

Hopefully, this material will help you make the right decision and buy the model that will make the housing even more stylish and comfortable for life!

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