What Makes A Good Security Product?

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Written By Berry Mathew

When you are living in big cities, you need to be careful about your security. Let’s say you know good self-defense methods; what about your home? Especially when you aren’t at home, there remains the high possibility of robbery or burglary.

In order to stay safe from these, you need to include good security products that ensure the safety of your home even when you aren’t at home.

In the following section, you will find the checklist to buy security products in UAE.

Things that make a good security product

Here are the checklists for a good security product.

Proper Power Supply

Consider a situation where your security systems are unable to function due to a power outage. Make sure the security system you buy for your house can withstand a power outage. In order to prevent the security of the home from being compromised if one unit of electricity fails, a redundant power supply is required.

A redundant power supply is a piece of computer hardware that utilizes a variety of physical power sources. Even if one component of the security system fails, the backup power source keeps everything running.

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Wireless Technology 

You can count on a burglar to turn off your security system’s cables if they know where they are. Your protection is guaranteed by the cell network of a wireless surveillance system. It is transportable and may go wherever you go. 

It is reasonable to say that wireless technology sends notifications to your phone constantly, whether you are at the office or on vacation. Additionally, wireless technology offers continuous peace of mind. You won’t need to constantly stare at the screen after properly installing it. 

In times of emergency, panic buttons in your home are a great protective measure. Use wireless technology with your safety system rather than wires running down your wall. It is effective and guarantees that backup video from your home is constantly available.


You require a sensor for each security system. The sensor alerts you to threats in the home, including fires, and deters criminals and trespassers. Your home should include at least one of the following safety sensors. 

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Environmental sensor: 

When a leaky pipe, a temperature change, or a fire is detected by the ambient sensor, an alert sounds, you can be certain to steer clear of interior dangers that might harm your property if you have an ambient sensor. 

The kitchen, cellar, bathroom, and laundry area are their greatest locations. The environmental sensor performs well in parts of the home where flooding is possible. 

Infrared sensor: 

The infrared sensor will notice movement if someone enters your home. Your security system needs the infrared sensor since it sets off the alarm, illuminates the room, and alerts you. Infrared sensors can be either active or passive. Incorporate either or both of them into your safety system. 

Ultrasonic sensors 

Because it uses sound waves to operate, the ultrasonic sensor sends noises that are inaudible to human hearing. The audio spectrum surrounding your home alters when you encounter an intruder, which sets off the alarm.

The ultrasonic sensor’s ability to take up sound from onlookers is its main drawback. Prior to installing the ultrasonic sensor, it is important to get expert security assistance. This will lessen the likelihood that your alarm may sound accidental.


You will require a link to the center if you decide on professional monitoring. Three types of connections exist – cell phone, broadband, and landline.


When a landline is present, the service provider will send an alert to the monitoring station using that location’s landline connection. The cheapest and most easily compromised option is linking to a landline. You lose contact with the monitoring station if the line is destroyed.


You can contact the monitoring station using that good bandwidth connection when you have fast internet. Sadly, if there is a power outage, your connection is gone. Some service providers include backup batteries to ensure your system continues working even if the Wi-Fi connection is lost.


Cellular surveillance employs an integrated chip to send warnings to the monitoring station using the same frequency that your smartphone utilizes to make and receive texts. Its invulnerability to manipulation and the likelihood of a stable signal makes it a dependable approach. The most expensive choice, though, is often a cell phone link.

To wrap up

You may want to think about familiarizing yourself with the many characteristics of a good safety system before deciding to invest in a variety of security solutions for your building. 

You will need dependable, potent, well-protected, and capable of connecting with other technologies for greater accessibility, which you can now easily find if you research it well.