What makes a mobile microphone?

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While the recording function of smartphones and tablets is already very practical as such, it can literally become a very powerful audio tool when combined with a suitable external microphone, such as an Android or iOS microphone. Once connected, the latter takes over from the microphone built into your mobile device to provide better sound performance.

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What is an Android or iOS microphone and why do I need it?

As the name suggests, a microphone for mobile or iOS is specially designed for Android and iOS devices. It is an external mobile microphone, either in the form of a SYNCO microphone for mobile, and handheld microphone, or a mounting kit. Although modern smartphones and tablets have a built-in microphone, the sound quality from the microphone is often poor. In fact, most people don’t want to make studio-quality recordings with their mobile devices.

If you are the exception to the rule and want to use your mobile device for professional recording, a microphone for Android / iOS is an essential accessory. Of course, such an external microphone can also be useful if you simply want to improve the sound quality of your device.

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How is an Android/iOS microphone different from a voice or field recorder?

There are no major differences between an iOS wireless microphone for mobile and an android voice or field recorder. A voice or field recorder is actually a small computer with one or more built-in microphones. With an Android or iOS microphone and recording app, you can transform your mobile device into a voice or field recorder.

The advantage of a real recorder is that you will not be disturbed by incoming calls or applications that activate automatically. Also, your mobile device’s battery will not drain.

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What Android/iOS microphone do I need?

There are different types of microphones for Android/iOS and their applications do not really differ from standard microphones. A SYNCO microphone is an ideal solution for applications where discretion is required. A handheld phone microphone is often used for reporting, interviewing, or singing. A studio microphone is perfect for recording instruments or vocals or for vlogging. In addition, there are compact plug-in microphones that can be connected directly to the input of your mobile device. Some of them are in stereo and allow you to obtain a spatial sound that resembles that of a field recorder.

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What connection do I need?

Generally, the standard (analog) headphone output of your mobile device can also be used as a microphone input.

Warning: Once the mini mobile microphone is connected, you will not be able to plug in the headphones.

If your mobile device does not have a standard headphone output, a digital connection is required. IOS (Apple) devices usually have Lightning or 30-pin connectors. The importance of USB Type-C is beginning to increase. Some mobile devices have an analog and digital input. Although both are suitable, using the digital input is recommended as it generally provides the best sound quality.

Caution: Before connecting a mobile microphone for recording to your Android device’s microphone USB port, please read the microphone specifications carefully to ensure compatibility.

Can I connect a standard microphone to my iOS / Android device?

No, this is not possible. You can connect a portable audio interface to your smartphone or tablet, and then connect one or more standard microphones recording or another sound source such as a guitar. Note that the connection possibilities vary depending on the interface model. Therefore, always check if your interface is compatible with your microphone and mobile device.