What should a professional email signature look like?

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Before email was a reality, business cards and letterhead represented a person’s professional or personal brand. Now he has to provide many email signatures that should work accordingly to promote the brand. The average employee sends about 40 work emails per day. This equates to 200 emails per week or 10,400 emails per year. Every email is an opportunity to share information that will help increase the awareness and credibility of your business. You can post a message about yourself, your services, the company you work for, or all of the above in one email signature, so it’s important to read the best email signature templates carefully so that you understand exactly how they should be created and how they should look. professional email signature.

How to create a professional email signature?

Your signature should not be flashy. The best email signatures are usually simple. Here are some ways to create them. Write only important information to customers. Do not use more than 3-4 lines of text. Add social media icons or website links. Add pictures or professionally taken photos that relate directly to your business. A simple, professional logo or company image can add credibility and greatly increase trust. Do not provide an email address. It sounds obvious, but many people add their email addresses to their email signatures too often. Pay attention to your contact details. They must be relevant. Do not include your email signature in a business email, because a personal email signature is not part of your professional email signature, as it has nothing to do with your professional (business) life. Use the right colors that do not make your text and generally your email signature unreadable. Choose the right color scheme and the right font for advertising email signatures that will be used in your company. Do not use animated GIF files, they are superfluous in professional email signatures. Check out the signature examples for email, because the examples will allow you to get a clear understanding of how to properly optimize email signatures for mobile devices. Send a test email and check the email signature on your mobile device to make sure that everything is fine and everything is displayed correctly, all the components that you have included in the email signature.

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Try three useful generators for creating unique email signatures

With the unique email signature generator, you can create attractive email signatures with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. The disadvantage of using it is that you often have to enter data in the email address field. Like it or not, you will be adding your email address (in addition) to your email signature. Links to your marketing and products are also included. The key benefits of a visually appealing email signature should be weighed against the disadvantages of including irrelevant information that will be included in your email signature if you use the functionality of free email signature generators.

HubSpot email signature generator

HubSpot offers a versatile generator for creating creative solutions for email signatures, with which you can experiment with layouts, and colors and add images. You can also add social media links, authentication, and add informative calls to action. To use this signature generator, you need to add an email address and phone number. HubSpot will also ask you to answer a few questions about your business.

Exclaimer is a free email signature generator

With this unique email signature generator, you can add logos, banners, social media links, and even company statements. Enter your details in the email address field, just like in HubSpot. This generator also adds a small introductory text under the email signature. When you want to share your Exclaimer on social media, your tag will be removed from your signature.

Options for creating email signatures in WiseStamp

WiseStamp offers a wide variety of important features that you need to creatively create email signatures at the click of a button. You can do anything from asking for help to showcasing your latest YouTube video in your email signature. Make sure that your email signature remains professional and is not overloaded with unnecessary (or inappropriate for the business) information. You can upgrade to a monthly plan to get more features and remove your company branding from your custom email signature.

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What is the benefit of marketing using email signatures?

Email signature marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel that uses email signatures to effectively and quickly promote a company’s products and services. This form of automated direct marketing helps your audience learn about your latest products and offers. Email signature marketing is a form you can use to inform customers about new products, discounts, and other services on your mailing list. It also plays an important role in your marketing strategy, whether it’s generating leads, building brand awareness, building relationships, or getting customers to make purchases through different types of emails. Email can be used effectively to promote your company’s many products and services and increase customer loyalty. You can also use a softer tone in your caption to remind customers of your brand value or grab their attention before their next purchase. Marketing using email signatures is one of the most popular and effective means of advertising campaigns.

Email signature structure

Keeping in mind the basics of email marketing, you need to structure your email signatures clearly and succinctly so that they don’t quickly turn into spam and get blocked. Add to your email signature: subject, text content, numerous pictures, graphics, and call to action, optimize your email signature for different devices, and personalize your email signature. Your email signature should be targeted to a specific audience and convey the main idea, theme, and tone of your brand. Photos and images should be attractive and relevant to the theme. Don’t forget to include a call to action. Since the consumption of mobile content is growing exponentially, it is necessary to consider email signature formats. It is important that the user can read and see all elements of your email signature on any device. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the content of the email signature for each smartphone model. One of the key goals of email marketing is personalization. It is worth writing an interesting email signature as if you are sending it to a close friend.

Types of email signatures that are actively used in electronic marketing

Modern email signatures can be informative, advertise or help the company achieve a specific goal. Let’s consider each type in more detail.

Type 1. Advertising email signatures

They are commonly used in email marketing, for example for special offers, promotions, announcements of new product launches or limited collections, and invitations to special events. The text of the email signature contains a clear call to action. A call to action is a specific action you want the user to take.

Type 2. Information email signature

Most emails contain information about your company or brand. Use this form for your email signature to share your ideas, thoughts, and recommendations. It’s important to provide valuable content that will benefit your target audience. Informative email signatures allow you to constantly communicate with customers and potential buyers.

Type 3. The active attraction of potential customers using the capabilities of email signatures

Notifications for contacting recently inactive customers are a key feature of a thoughtful email signature. Offer unique discounts, celebrate birthdays, send shopping vouchers, send informative email signatures with up-to-date product/service information, confirm contact information, and more. A marketing strategy creates a clear message schedule so that consumers receive regular reminders from the brand about their activities in the market.

Key, effective benefits of active use of email signature functions

Marketing strategies implemented with the help of unique email signature solutions are an important part of the development and management of your business. This tool (email signature) will effectively help you achieve your main goals: more conversions, and more sales. Email marketing campaigns increase sales. Special coupons and special offers for holidays, birthdays, or greetings are another way to engage your audience. A thoughtful email signature works as a reminder to complete the order. Brand recognition. You can contact customers directly by email. Users are currently not submitting their email addresses. This is a section dedicated to your favorite brands. The look of your inbox helps keep your brand relevant to your followers. Personalized marketing email signatures are much more effective than social media posts. Emails can be sent to a large number of recipients and are also effective (compared to other marketing channels). 

Significant consumer loyalty. Email marketing significantly increases customer loyalty at every stage of the buyer’s journey, including lead acquisition, conversion, and retention. In addition, a unique email signature is an important tool for optimizing communication with sales CRM systems. Informative email signatures work well for a wide audience, including less digitally savvy people. Most people know how to check their email, making it the most popular form of effective digital marketing. Financial savings. Modern marketing does not require large financial costs, especially those marketing strategies that are carried out with the help of email signatures. To determine the most effective messages, you can test subject lines and calls to action that are included directly in your email signature. This can also be done with software that can be configured to only send emails. In some ways, today’s email marketing has become a popular tool in business because it gets customers to take action. 

An email signature can help you build a relationship with your audience, stay connected, and drive traffic to blogs, social media, and other places that need attention. You can convert your email signature into an effective traffic-attracting tool by providing your customers with all the relevant information. Different formats and elements of email signatures allow you to create a personalized email that will not go unnoticed.

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