What the job candidates look out for on a good employment site

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Job candidates usually find themselves viewing job application pages when they are searching for new employment. They tend to go through various job descriptions, and ask themselves if the available positions are a good fit for them. It’s a lengthy process to find the right job, so candidates want to determine quickly whether or not the role is a good fit for them. 

They don’t want to waste their precious time during the search. This is the reason why the application process needs to have a proper list that can help the job candidates. There are several things job candidates desire to find on a good employment site. This page explains what the job candidates look out for on a good employment site.  

The mobile experience

Most people are now using mobile devices to interact with their friends, family members, work colleagues, and many more, and this also includes job searching. Mobile-friendly career websites and job description pages are crucial for all companies.   

Remember that most of the best job seekers are usually already employed. Therefore, they do a lot of their job searches on the go. In most cases, these job seekers do job searches using their mobile devices during downtime at work, during lunch breaks, or while commuting to and from work. And, unemployed candidates also tend to make a lot of use of their mobile devices so that they can find dream jobs. Companies that fail to provide mobile-optimized career websites cannot tap into these necessary talent market segments.  

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Job title and description

Job candidates don’t like to see unclear job titles and job descriptions. Sometimes, these can discourage them from applying for the job. You just need to be transparent and upfront about the role. This means you should also explain what you desire in a potential candidate when it comes to their experiences and skills. 

You should also list the job requirements in a format that makes it easier to read. Bulleted lists are a great way to send information efficiently and quickly. This is because they allow potential candidates to check off the requirements they meet, and they can look at those they don’t. It’s rare for a potential applicant to be 100 percent perfect, though this type of formatting can allow them to quickly determine whether or not it’s worth applying for the role. 

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A LinkedIn application feature

No doubt, LinkedIn is growing rapidly, and there are many people joining the site every day. LinkedIn is now popular with many business professionals who are trying to build their personal brands and social resumes. The users of this platform often spend a significant amount of time improving their profiles, lobbying colleagues for recommendations and endorsements, updating their certifications and skills, and many more. 

All these can help to prove their credentials because most employers see their profiles. Besides this, LinkedIn now helps with the applicant tracking space. It allows job candidates to apply for positions directly via the site, making the process painless and seamless for job seekers. This is encouraging more candidates to send their applications quickly.