What to Look for In the Best CRM For Disney Travel Agents

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Travel agents and agencies deal with a lot of client tasks daily. Among other things, they have to handle bookings, keep track of payments, deposits, and commissions, manage client profiles, and still have time to capture and nurture leads.

Now, doing all this would be cumbersome if you had to switch between multiple tools. That is where Customer Relationship Management software, CRM, comes in. It provides you with a central place to manage and oversee everything concerning your clients.

That said, not all CRMs are crafted the same. As a Disney travel agent, you want to find a CRM built to address your unique needs.

To help you find the best CRM for Disney travel agent, here are a couple of things to look for:

Catering to Travel Agents That Book Disney

If Disney bookings make up a big part of your overall clientele, then it is only practical to go with a CRM designed explicitly for Disney agents. That’s because Disney can be a little more complex compared to other travel suppliers. And unfortunately, most travel agent CRMs are general and may lack the features you actually need while having ones you will probably never use. So, why pay for services you will never use?

Easy Itinerary & Travel Quotes Management

Travel quotes for potential and new clients and travel itineraries for those who have booked their Disney trip are perhaps the top two things you keep track of regularly. So, you want a CRM that allows you to easily create, access, send and track itineraries and travel quotes. Overall, a good CRM prioritizes the most basic functions on the user dashboard.  

Robust Security

As a travel agent, you deal with sensitive customer information every day. Moreover, you process online payments from clients all the time. So, your client’s data security should be a top concern when picking out any tools or software for your agency. Ensure that you check or ask about the security protocols of the CRM you are considering before purchasing. A secure CRM should ideally have an upgraded SSL certificate, a superior firewall, strong changing key phrases, and 2FA.

Multiple Built-in Communication Channels

What would be the use of a CRM if it does not make communication easier between you and your clients or leads? You don’t have to get separate communication software; your CRM should be able to do it all. So, check that the CRM you choose has not just one but multiple built-in communication options.

Automation Capabilities

Finally, you also want to check for automation support. Part of being a travel agent is marketing and sales. So, you likely create and manage campaigns to engage and motivate clients. A good CRM should allow you to execute discounts, promotions, and other types of campaigns automatically.

Find the Best CRM For Disney Travel Agent to Improve Your Client Relationships

Cultivating better client relationships can improve conversions for your travel business. With the best CRM, you can manage your client-related tasks so that you provide quality, timely, and professional services. All this while reducing the workload for you and your staff. So, use the above tips to help you pick the right CRM.

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