Why a Second-Hand Car is Perfect for Your First Buy

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If this is your first time purchasing a car or any vehicle, you should pick a second-hand one due to the chances of mishandling. It will also save you a fortune since the second cars are much cheaper, allowing you to save for a new one once you get used to handling the second hand. 

In the whole process of having a second-hand car, you will learn the basics of what a car needs in terms of maintenance, from repairs and spare parts to warranty. You will learn where to get flexible coverage option like Carchex plans. It will enable you to handle the new vehicle without crisis. 

In this article, we will discuss reasons why a a second-hand car is preferred for your first purchase.

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Saves you a fortune

This being your first car to own, no need to go overboard when it comes to spending on it; choose a used one. This will enable you to get outstanding deals when buying it. For example, when purchasing a second-hand Maruti Swift, you can spend double on a brand new one. See the discrepancy?

Low insurance covers

Insurance for new cars is always higher than for a used one. When car shopping, put into consideration the expenses you are about to burden yourself with. You have a variety to pick from insurance plans depending on your budget, for example, premium, gold and silver.

The cars have a warranty

Gone are the days when second-hand car sellers were scammers. Nowadays, there is transparency in the current market. When you purchase it, the dealer can provide you with a full or partial warrant for about 3 years. 

This will enable you to cater for the engine damage that might happen, and sometimes if lucky enough, you might get a replacement.

Perfect for learners

As a novice, mistakes like scratches and dents happen always; it is allowed. But for the errors not to cost you, it is advised you buy a used one; this will give you a chance to learn without the fear of paying heavily for a minor blunder.

Slow depreciation

Many luxury cars are infamous due to fast downgrading in their prior year. Recent cars are no exception; they experience almost half their lifetime devaluation in the first year of possession.

As the years go by, the rate of depreciation decreases. This means after a couple of years, and the car won’t wear as much.

They are certified

It is highly recommended that you choose a certified used car; this is because it is fully inspected and fixed in case of previous damage before they hand it to you. Many companies offer certification depending on the car’s age and the millage. 

There are also other advantages like a pre-owned car that comes with options like manufacturer warranty and roadside assistance, and you can as well return it.

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Buying second-hand cars gives you the same satisfaction as buying a new one in terms of transport and quality. So, there is no need to blow your life saving on a new car in a minute. Purchasing a used car comes with its advantages like; it comes with a warrant, certification, and low insurance and slow devaluation. One of the biggest advantages of buying used cars in el cajon is the lower cost compared to a new vehicle.