Why are retro games so popular?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Retro-looking games have been loved recently, and some may wonder why. Who could enjoy playing games featuring such simple graphics and ‘boring’ storylines? Well, you’d be surprised.  ExpressVPN reveals that one of the leading reasons players pick vintage games over new releases is that they feature simpler storylines.

Super Mario Bros, Tetris, and The Legend of Zelda may be old, but more players have increasingly immersed themselves in such vintage games. It’s just another type of experience that retro games provide. That transcends time periods and places and transports players to fascinating, colorful, and hypnotizing realms. Millennials, in particular, are lured by this kind of gaming, and if you rush to say it’s nostalgia, well, think twice. Remembering being young again may be a plausible reason for many grown-ups indulging in retro video games, but it’s also a superficial take on something much deeper. Although they might seem boring, older video games, or games made to look retro, are interactive and challenging. Everything from the gameplay design and ritual of starting the game to the sense of comfort and graphics reminiscent of bygone times contributes to individuals’ affection for vintage games.

Retro games have much simpler graphics and storylines than modern video games, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are out of fashion. The old is back, and gaming companies, mostly preoccupied with technologically leveling up their products, are now more oriented toward designing games that appeal to players’ sense of the past. More details about the retro gaming phenomenon and why it has become so popular are found in the following.

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Ample creativity

Although old game developers didn’t have the tools to design realistic graphics that games feature nowadays, they still managed to create something unique beyond technology. The game’s feel, the fascinating environments, and the exciting characters have convinced many players that old is gold. Of course, we can’t deny that graphics aren’t meaningful because they really are, but graphics alone can’t make a game captivating and engaging. Besides, retro video games have unique storylines, which, even if they’re not extraordinarily complex, manage somehow to catch players’ attention and get them in the game. And apart from being original, retro games’ stories have something that truly sets them apart in the crowd: they’re short. The reality is that many players, especially Millennials, are looking for games that take only a fraction of the time needed in modern gaming. ExpressVPN’s study targets a group of respondents, Millennials and Gen Z’ers alike, and shows that the former tends to be a more avid audience than the latter. Nostalgia is an essential reason in this sense, but many more factors are involved.

Great gameplay design

One of the many lures of retro video games is the unmatched gameplay design. While many would opt for the more modern versions of today’s games, some will go for the retro gameplay design at any time. The gameplay implies the game’s features (note that it has nothing to do with sound and graphics) and highly contributes to the overall playing experience. In the case of old-school games, the gameplay is all about the things beneath the surface. Players also appreciate the right-to-the-action character of these games, as they aren’t forced to delve into tedious and bloated tutorials before getting started. It’s hence not the technological sophistication that makes a game intriguing but the authenticity and simplicity of experience that captivates the player.

Unique music

Enthusiasts would often argue that retro games, such as Defender, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and Pac-Mac, take them back to a simpler time when two-dimension was the only possible way, there was so much fun in the playing itself, and the music was simple. There’s no secret that music can pierce the heart, all the more so since numerous studies on this matter have shown the undeniable connection between music and emotion. So, it’s logical how retro game music evokes nostalgia and appeals to players’ sense of the past. It’s similar to when you listen to your favorite song from your high school days and instantly relive those exciting moments. Of course, we don’t deny the quality of the modern games’ soundtracks; instead, we’re trying to say there’s also beauty in old video game music. One pertinent example in this regard is the music created by Tommy Tallarico, a famous video game composer who proved his talent in hundreds of games ever since the 1990s. 

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Unmatched social interaction

Today’s gaming revolves around online multiplayer options, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s believed to somehow interfere with the overall playing experience. Retro video games provide the unique chance of having a friend by your side and interacting physically. Since technological advancements have taken the world by storm, this type of interaction has begun to soften. Of course, experiences are shared online, and nothing is missed; at least, that’s what younger generations would say. But once you get started with retro gaming and discover or rediscover what it is like to socialize face-to-face while playing, we bet you’ll never omit this option from your list of to-do activities in your free time.

Availability for all

Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular entertainment activities, but also expensive. Modern games are accompanied by modern equipment, such as mice and keyboards, gaming PCs and monitors, headsets, Bluetooth controllers, smart lighting, and ergonomic chairs. And while it’s true that these could make the gaming experience more immersive, they’re also likely to burn a hole in your pocket. So, we advise trying retro games before immersing in more technologically advanced video games. That will save you significant money and give you a comprehensive into authentic gameplay, designs, and music. Once you familiarize yourself with these types of games, you can move on to the next ones.

Wrapping it up

Retro video games have pierced the heart of many, and nostalgia is just part of it. These games have reached so many audiences because of the simple graphics, gameplay designs, evocative music, and accessibility.