Why Instagram Likes Are Still Important

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Instagram continuously introduces new features and tweaks its algorithm to improve its services. Notably, this strategy creates different metrics for our social media accounts. Likes, saves, shares, and comments are some of the measures of engagement Instagram uses. According to Sprout Social, Instagram likes are still an important metric of engagement rates on the social media platform. 

The Psychology behind Instagram Likes

According to experts, the brain recognizes an Instagram like as a positive response and releases a feel-good hormone called dopamine that gives us a psychological high. A study found that a high number of likes activates the same neuropathic pathways associated with winning a lottery or eating chocolate. Research also suggests that people engage more with highly-liked content because of the fear of missing out on popular posts. 

Social media specialists argue that clicking the like button is increasingly a reflexive action that does not necessarily indicate engagement. In such instances, Instagram likes prove the narcissistic nature of human beings. We believe that people like our content because it’s significant, while we return the favor to maintain socially-accepted behavior. Nevertheless, Instagram likes are critical, particularly for individuals or businesses that earn a living online.  

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Why Instagram Likes Matter In 2022

Likes confirm the quality of your content

Content creators use various strategies to grow their social media accounts. Instagram likes are proof that their content works. A high number of likes means your audience loves what you post. Many likes on a post also make it go viral on Instagram. Viral posts usually increase a user’s followers significantly.

Social proof of your authenticity

A high number of likes is proof that you are a popular and trustworthy influencer or business. Such metrics attract new followers who are curious about products and services that attract such online traffic. 

Likes boost your brand visibility

An Instagram profile that has a higher number of likes increases the visibility of its brand. When a user who doesn’t follow you likes your post, Instagram’s algorithm shows him more of your posts in the explore feed. Likes also improve your online authority in a niche, especially for small brands who want to gain their customers’ trust.

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Increased conversion rates

Likes are a necessary aspect of affiliate marketing. These metrics improve your Instagram’s profile engagement rate. When many users interact with your content, the chances of these individuals converting to loyal followers and customers are high. These conversion rates boost an enterprise’s sales and appeal to brands who want to collaborate with influencers on partnerships.

Should You Show Your Instagram Likes.

Instagram introduced the option of hiding your likes for a few reasons. Compulsive Instagram users can preserve their well-being, self-esteem, and body perceptions with the feature. Hiding likes also encourages creators to make authentic content and improve their overall engagement metrics. Showing likes on your profile is a matter of preference. Choose what works for you as a business or influencer.

How to Get More Instagram Likes 

Consistently post engaging and quality content for your niche that encourages users to hit the like button on your posts. Take advantage of your account’s insights to create content that works for your audience and sets you apart. You should keep up with Instagram’s algorithm changes and leverage its new features. Reels are the latest way to make you more discoverable on Instagram and get more likes. 

Respond to comments and direct messages on your account promptly. Ensure your interactions with other users are engaging and heartfelt since Instagram banned bot-like responses. Check out social media solutions like Blastup you can use to boost likes on your posts. You can even use Instagram’s paid ads to promote your work to your ideal audience for more likes.


Instagram likes are still a vital measure of your account’s engagement rate. Psychology states that likes on the social media platform indicate the popularity of a piece of content. Instagram likes build your online presence and improve conversion rates on your profile. You may hide or show the likes on your posts depending on your mental shape. Several tips like posting more reels and buying Instagram likes can boost the likes on your posts.