Why is Next.js is one of the best JS frameworks?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Today we will discuss some important issues. If you want to know how to create a blog with MDX and Next then first you need to know what is Next.js? In fact, Next.js is a React framework that enables a person to quickly create static and dynamic apps very easily. It generally supports product-ready, server-side rendering and static site generation out of the box which makes the Next.js app faster and SEO-friendly.

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Now we will know why Next.js should be used instead of Create React app or Gatsby. But before using next.js, one should have a general idea about it and be more or less inexperienced. Next.js is commonly referred to as a feedback framework that is created and maintained by Vercel. It is usually built with Node.js, React, Babel and Webpack and has some great features. The Next.js framework is used to render apps or to export statically because it is particularly effective. The reason why Next.Js should be used to create a React app is because: It is usually possible to set up a modern build with the Create React app without configuration and without the hassle of relying on Webpack, Babel, which is why it is called a simple tool. It is used as a suggested method. Usually when a person wants to create a multi-page app they must install an additional library to render a feedback app on the server. Many times it is seen that extra setup has become a problem.

Next.js can solve this problem. It usually comes with a lot of great features. With Next.js, one can export one’s Next.js app to static HTML in build time. This is usually done in build time and not on every request which is why it can be called a suggested way of creating a website. Check out this resource about building a blog with Next.js.

Also its special feature is that it pre-renders the HTML pages in the server on each request and it automatically splits the code next.js in contrast to the automatic code splitting response to speed up the app.  Also it only loads the required JavaScript, this feature is really great.

Speaking of creating blogs, let us now have a discussion about Polyblog.  Usually through Polyblog a person can easily create a multilingual blog and grow his business through content marketing, succeeding in business. I think Polyblog should be used. But do you know why it should be used? It is discussed below:

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First of all because it will make your business faster and lighter. Speed ​​and efficiency are of course important for any small or large business. Using Polyblog will enable a person to speed up their entire content marketing process. In addition, using Polyblog, an individual will be able to easily translate their content and will be able to grow their business internationally targeting any other country and any language. Moreover, if a person wants to manage his own multilingual blog, he can easily manage his own multilingual blog under a single dashboard.